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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Improv Everywhere and Other Forms Of "organized fun" Are Ways To Fool the Public Into Participating

I was very disappointed and of course appalled when I saw this video of Imrov Everywhere. I expect to be disappointed nowadays as I now fully realize how easy it is to decieve the public and market military and other professional factions sponsored psychological warfare campaigns as something benign to get them involved.

The website of the organizers:

The way the Frozen Grand Central improv is pulled off its obvious its not about mobbing one targeted person. What was so disgusting is the way its presented as a"mission" as well as the way that the people involved are portrayed, in fun, as "agents". Its really triggering and hurtful for people who actually have had to live through true to life psychological warfare experiences sometimes for years on end until thier lives are destroyed.

What is MOST unbearable is the idea that in this context, the subject of real life psychological warfare and covert operations can be made fun of, which in itself sets a precedent for reality by intimating that such things exist to begin with, but then if one claims to be a victim of such activity and a genuine Targeted Individual, society wont listen, insists its mental illness and argues with the person to death, as well as then writes them off with systematic ignoring.
Smart people will see the logic in this and figure out what is going on. The world especially this country does not like smart people nor do they like being responsible for being smart. The USA has a history of such 'weird' and inventive trends and if one looks beneath the surface of much of this activity one will see it is often connected to actual covert ops by powerful agencies and factions or its training the sheep to go along with fulfilling that agenda or to prime them so as to cover for actual harmful and sinister covert ops. The fun and nutty trends in the USA usually have some sinister very sensible backing to them and are sponsored to exist by factions who use their existence for very practical ends.

When I read the phrase "organized fun" I was sickened and slightly amused. This is simply priming. After being aware of such activity marketed as 'organized' and 'improvisational' and harmless within the law, its not a hard cross over the line into situations where a person is being mobbed or targeted, supposedly for fun as in Punk'd and if its marketed with a hint of vigilantism 'they deserve it' then its not hard to move into those realms where laws ARE being broken. People are very stupid in general and this is how mind control works. America is a notorious mind controlled nation and has been for decades. What is essentially being done is to create a containment area for cult mind control, suck you in, make sure you perceive such actions as innocent and then start appealing to the mob instinct among humans which is basically appealing to the beast within which in a mob of human beings is a powerful force to use against an unsuspecting human being. Its amazing how much mobbing was going on during this era (they started their company in 2001 how convenient) and was NOT for the purpose of fun but to do damage and harass.

If I ever find out that people were into mobbing a single individual under the guise of fun or vigilantism or to reform that person or shame them for reasons of justice I will be even more angry and vengeful. It makes more sense and makes it easier for me to accept if a security company outsourced by a govt agency or the USA is responsible or military factions etc etc. It makes it easier to deal with becuz people are doing thier jobs and that is more understandable than something where people are in on such things due to thier weak Will's, weak minds and lack of moral character are being appealed to...all under the guise of morality of course.

If the gang stalking system does gain public assistance for thier campaigns through any such methods as this, and uses these fronts for anything but priming or fronts for legit ops then I totally agree with the Nazi sympathizers and those people who took part out of sheer stupidity and easy brainwash should be done away with to lower the population. Obviously these are not the Aryan ideal as they are the weakest of the pack.

I now realize that alot of gangs were used, as many of us suspected. Like Mark Phillips says many people dont know who thier employers are. I can see a number of dumb f*cks thinking its just a gang initiation or its business. If you have this sort of activity priming people's psyches to accept this sort of activity as a norm in the era your living in, getting people to do such things in under varying circumstances will be easier.

It does not surprise me that gangs were hired out or contracted for psychological warfare. It might be part of their many business activities ( the Bloods are listed with the FBI as having "intimidation" on thier list of activities within a business context), or they may be quietly hired out by other official agencies like police or other govt factions where only the top people know that is what the reason for the activity and if can be pawned off to lower level nobodies as gang initiations etc. They could be trading such agencies looking the other way on them doing other business for performing such tasks for them or to get members lower sentences or less jail time. It could also be that such gangs are infiltrated by covert factions to begin with. Its rumoured that the hip hop industry is now totally inflitrated and anyone who was for real has either been jailed, killed, chased off to Africa or neutralized. Anyone with a knowledge of the history of the US govt's policies against black uprisings monetarily or politically knows that such an area of money and power and empowerment would not be allowed to exist without certain...'compromises'. Get real. Ever since people were convinced that wearing a hat with an X on it in the 90's makes you politically relevant its been obvious that the black public have been again misdirected. It may also be that black leaders in this area are smart enough to know that they can finally gain all the power they desire in thier long time homeland of the USA only be paying the piper.

It also may explain why many perps seem to have acted like the whole situation was funny or fun or a laugh. The ones I dealt with often were obviously professionals though very f*cked up as people and they were hardcore and obviously employed to do what they were doing. They looked as if part of thier life time achievement was to hold down thier conscience with the power of sheer Will. Which of course makes them the best trained monkeys on the planet. Who joins a group effort to prove thier individual Will power? WTF is that?

These are some desperate people as well as they lowest factions of people in the USA. They exist however under the noses of a naive public. I suppose growing up around criminals I can see what they are about with a little more experience in what or I am looking at. Its like taking the worst pieces of garbage in the worst cell block in a prison, people who will do anything as part of the way they live, and pumping them out into public spaces for 'organized fun' and profit to target one person.
I believe they target multiple people per day as I have seen them operating at bus stations where they seem to keep riding the Greyhound over and over after say , a full busride with me as a Target, so this means they must target multiple persons per day.

This also means that these groups no matter what thier size have got to have a very good dispatch system putting them to work. A system that has foreknowledge of the Targets moves and location as well as deep intel on the Target. Its either people directly connected to intel or govt factions or such people now retired working in the private sector.

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