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Monday, January 3, 2011

I have to get out of here...system is winning

Ah the magic of dissolving old memories and a kinder, gentler system of hypnotic 'suggestion' during the height of the Obama administration.

Once again, feel free to go f*ck yourselves.

People who are targeted as well as people who know what is really going on are NOT going to give in that easily. I cannot BELIEVE that I was swayed even this far this particicular time.

Tangerine from Led Zep came on. I hardly could recognize it. ANd i know that song like the back of my hand. All recall connected to it was almost wiped sa well. All memory of my old life.

I couldnt find the video clip (sad really). Maybe one of you with tech at home could create a clip of this movie scene and put on YouTube. Conan the Barbarian for all its old age by now is still a very useful movie for the situation we are in for inspiration from our culture's version of mythology. The upper classes of ancient Greece and Rome knew of the valuable lessons for them as leaders and military men that were woven into the fables and myths of their culture. The age of the movie or story we take lesson from has no value. Its the timelessness of the lesson itself and much of what has been created in the past is now very valuable and pertinent or perhaps these were things that man always needed to remember to fight for freedom and liberty but our culture as it is now has forgotten..fallen into a sleep really and these tales will serve to keep these lessons alive.

Here at least is a page dedicated to the scene I feel is so important to demonstrate the problem of being hypnotized into sleep and the danger of forgetting what our mission is and becoming a slave of the serpent-like hypnosis of a corrupt, evil overlord.

If you can watch this scene from the movie its a better example. This is what basically occurs when the overt gang stalking ceases and you are left with your memories and alot of continued systematic ignoring of you and denial by the public in general (who are aware of what is going on).
As of now there seems to be a very consistent use of tech-as-management instead of tech as torture during Bush, along with alot of the horrors that went along with that administration. I cannot believe that their whole plan is to hypnotize people back to sleep as of nothing ever happened and have individual TI's as well as an entire nation 'forget' about being abused, lied to, mistreated and terrorized.

As a nation you now understand what its like to be abducted, have horrible things done to you under a sort of anestesia and then woken up to deny it ever happened becuz tha tis what thsi has all been akin to.

I watched MST 3000 the other day. A funny little show reminicent of what Fire Sign Theatre used to do to movies but they did it to lots of different material. Both were practicing a form of Surrelist art that deconstructs in order to make a new constrution in the conshusness. I just couldnt relax and laugh. It reminded me of what my life was like in the 90's, when things were normal. Its like this whole thing was to get rid of that mentality or people's ability to be able to have that kind of command over their reality, their surroundings, their conshusness.

Whats going on is still very dangerous. I believe it IS indeed Nazi driven and it has alont to do with the book "The Way of the WASP by bush's old speech writer where all cultures that dont fit into thier idea of what is proper and controlled must be eliminated.


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