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Saturday, January 15, 2011

National Security Letters Reforms..a bit late isnt it?

"In 2005 Congress passed the Patriot Act Improvement and Reauthorization Act into law, which allowed for judicial review of an NSL after it was received. It could be repealed or modified if it was found that a request for information was "unreasonable, oppressive, or otherwise unlawful". The nondisclosure requirement was not weakened as much. The judiciary could only repeal the gag order if the court found that it was made in "bad faith". Otherwise the court had to take the government request for nondisclosure as conclusive. Other amendments included that the recipient of an NSL was allowed to explicitly inform their attorney about the request and the government had to specifically rely on the judiciary for enforcing noncompliance with an NSL. These amendments were done in light of the 2004 Doe v. Ashcroft ruling."

"In 2008 Congress considered proposals to place new controls on the FBI's use of National Security Letters. A House bill would tighten the language governing when national security letters could be used, by requiring that they clearly pertain to investigations of a foreign power or an agent instead of just being considered "relevant" to such investigations. It would also require that the FBI destroy information that had been illegally obtained, which existing rules do not require, and it would allow the recipient of a letter to file a civil lawsuit if the missive is found to be illegal or without sufficient factual justification. A Senate bill would require the FBI to track its use of the letters more carefully and would narrow the types of records that can be obtained with a letter to those that are least sensitive."

Who gives a f*ck now? Most of our lives our ruined beyond repair. And all you bastards knew didnt you. You let this occur in the time frame it did so that thier little clean up crews of inconvenient people could be cleared away and then you decided to pay attention to the abuses.

This is a joke. Everyone who lived through this knows its a joke. How does even the inferred ability to abuse these laws and this access even begin to explain away being gassed on a Greyhound bus then revived and the whole bus being perps? How does this explain all the abuse and experimentation? How does this explain being waterboarded virtually from a helicopter flying low about an apartment building? How does this explain all the cutting off of credit card or debit card use, the hacking in to emails, communications and ATM's? The psychological warfare so intense that it destroys a human being.. how is that part of an investigation?

Why dont they just tell the truth about history? Why dont they just write it like it really happened? "During the Bush administration due to a war overseas as well as an act of terrorism on American soil, the FBI/CIA/DOD and other unseen factions conducted brutal covert and black operations under the guise of investigations and part of this con job was utilizing the intrusions that were afforded them via NSL's". ????? Why not tell it like it is?

" Rich and powerful people protecting the criminals that could either afford to pay and had good economic promise as well as were key to the security of very rich, powerful people got thier enemies and 'inconvenient persons' on a hit list of sorts for these 'investigations' where really a systematic form of destruction and then brainwashing was conducted to 'manage' such people for special interests".

Becuz THAT is what really happened. I know I lived through it. Or they could write that the destruction of victim witnesses from past human experimentation were wiped and intimidated so that no finally no evidence would endanger powerful agencies, persons or now the corporations who privately carried on such research from results rooted in MK Ultra and the radiation experiments...becuz that is what happened.

The fact they let any abuse occur at all for even a week or a day shows that they were allowing these bastards a window of opportunity to get thier operations in gear and finish the job(s) before anyone noted how abusive it really was.

More lies. And these are the same scum that walk around Cambridge dressed like civilians saying to long suffering victims like myself "Its over". The same arrogance they used to destroy during Bush is still there becuz they think no one will ever know how sadistic, sick and violent they are becuz they work in the shadows for special interests. Working behind such circumstances as those above.

And still they smile with arrogance as if they are better than, they are the victors- they won.

Supposedly this is about catching criminals not protecting important connected ones and destroying innocents. As well as forcably deprogramming someone with such severity that its becomes entertainment for the sadistic, when all that person ever wanted to do was help people and do good things.

This country lies to you, this country is innately evil and totally beyond hope or redemption, and I mean legal and just redemption- not religious in nature. These greedy, selfish, connected people run this country and they are given windows of opportunity to act out in the most abusive and violent ways you can imagine by things like this that allow them to conduct covert ops while hiding behind NSL and federal investigations. There is no justice in America for the victims of such actions.

Well at least I now know who really runs the USA, and I have lost all respect for 'the United States'. Every cop I see is a joke, every add for the military, ever judge every lawyer. Its all a show. These people either hold no real power at all compared to who is really in charge or they hold power due to being part of such covert activities.

Totally hopeless.


Anonymous said...

Here is an interesting TI:

Note the nasty comments to the rather obvious perp shill.

Anonymous said...

Also note that targeting individuals may serve as an excuse to control large segments of the population. For example, by getting a lot of the public going along with harassing a target and later employing them as perps (possibly), the target serves as a "controlled point of control" for everyone else to follow. So everyone between the perp leaders and the TI is controlled in a predictable way, and themselves are being made manageable, including the TI (who is actually the "star"). And also, the target serves as an "example" of what happens when you rebel against the system.

Anonymous said...

It's been suggested that cops are the local intelligence unit for the covert system of gangstalking. Back in 2004, I managed to land a fulltime position after years of job searching. I told the cops here in town I landed the job, they asked me where it was and which company it was. And shortly after I told them, the company "decided" to replace me and let me go, and it was so inexplicable. And I started getting harassment on the job around the last 2 weeks, and it was very creepy and unnerving. It was my introduction to the world of perp skits. Then, I got canned, and there was no reason at all. Since 2004, I have been teaching AT MOST 2 classes per semester, part time. I could manage nothing more than that.

And the perps make sure my experience is hellish if I have 2 classes to teach. That is a luxury for me. But they fixed it so I'm only teaching one class this semester. They laid off the harassment tremendously. See, if I teach 1 class and suffer that way, they will ease up on the workplace harassment. But if I teach 2 classes, they will up the on-the-job "handling" of me to compensate for the fact that I am actually making a little bit of extra money. The system has shunned me out of gainful employment. I did get a good college education, thankfully, but unfortunately, because of the harassment now, it's not worth much in terms of employment.