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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Charles Schlund Perhaps Had the Answer

I do believe that Charles Schlund had the right formula.

His story sounds so close to mine. The way they came at me intimating it was FBI when in fact it was a set up. I think its a bit difficult to be a suspect in a drug case as well as mentally ill. Or was it two separate factions, one was trying to get me discredited on paper and the other pulling that B.S. with DEA/FBI nonsense. Like I said before, real agents use subpoena's. Doesnt it suck when a person turns out to be a piece of finely built machinery not just stupid? Must suck for them seriously. And this would explain the gangs involved. If the DEA is in fact a major drug dealer then the gangs like Bloods are thier buddies I assume. They need them to keep working.

The only thing that confuses me is the presence of people like Eddie Cox (aka Eddie Hand) in the campaign. He's a programmer and said to be a satanist and a murderer of children. Well, I saw him make a sloppy attempt to access me on that bus and I guess he is such a pedo with that ability to not be seen and to know how to handle Survivors of programming that he might be a programmer. The little girls in his cell phone he showed me were certainly a testament to something along those lines. His "little princesses". However, my story is so much like Schlund's and he does mention some sort of Satanic presence but he minimizes it as a symptom of the overall discreditation or torture.

I read on a blog just now that he did win his case and got six DEA agents arrested.
"I am curious about what you guys may know or have heard. This man was a genius, he beat the DEA in court for framing him as a narcotics deal resulting in the immediate arrest of 6 DEA officers, he recently passed, but I hope the information he he tried so desperately to get to the American public so be it for better or worse"
Well, we all dont have Yale degrees (if he was telling the truth) but I am sure if I had one I could get equal results. The problem is that I might be that smart but I do not have life experience nor education nor wealth to compare to his which is why its so easy for them to keep me down.

Imagine Charles Schlund's kind of campaign without his education, ties to other agents for information as well as connections and wealth. THAT is my situation..and I as well as the system minimizes it every day. They to keep winning and I to survive emotionally and mentally.

It seems to me that this would be the same in my case..except of course for the presence of someone like Eddie Cox. Whats more creepy is that a woman in St Louis who claimed she knew my story told me "Be careful who you sit next to from now on" and other information in that conversation that let me know she was talking about the incident with Eddie Cox. How much of this shit they put TI's through gets filmed? How else would she have known who it was or what happened?

I am coming to the reality that America is so damn big as a land mass and its people in such denial that this Satanic network is indeed as large as previously thought. The only problem is that I was never convinced that they do stupid overt things always like theatrical Satanic rituals. They might but it looks more like they are professionals who if they do such things, know how to hide very well. Murder is easy enough to cover up for if local authorities are either afraid of you or they are standing right beside you also donning a black hood.

The difference between myself and other activists is that I am not too excited or up in arms about the presence of such a reality in our world. They have always been around. I am just pretty pissed off that they came for ME when they did and f*cked with me and ruined MY life not someone else's. And I am also annoyed at how they do not need to use overt methods in campaigns like mine. Alot of it was done purely through technologies as a means of not only warfare but delivery of the psycho drama that made up the core of the campaign during GW Bush.
This is what confuses the public and gets these stupid outrcries 'Where is the evidence?'. The evidence is in a Targeted person who obviously gets screwed over with such intensity that no one wants to deal with them anymore and no one can mentally deal with that person being so abused in a country where they are supposed to have human and civil rights. THAT is the damn evidence. I could provide you with plenty of evidence that its obvious I am targeted and I am treated differently than other citizens. THAT is the physical evidence of SRA. What the public cannot believe is the motive behind such actions is metaphysical. THAT is the problem we keep running into. Thier constant refusal to believe that there is such a large faction that exists not only in our country but throughout the world.

Americans believing in Satanists is like them accepting they have a fear of death which they will never admit to- yet their obsession with grave burials and preservation of dead bodies, to the detriment of the environment meant for the living as well as space wasted that could be utilized by the living reflects not only thier intense childish fear of death but also the culture's spiritual void it exists in. Since you 'cant take it with you' (material possessions) Westerners are very much worried sick about what to do when its Time To Go. If you assured them they would go to a land where retail therapy was available for comfort and security, they would indeed die as happily as any Viking in battle headed for the Great Hall.

But this culture cannot have faith that thier actions now will indeed yield results when they die. Like believing in material things to the detriment of Spirit is not as equally fool hardy. WTF is wrong with people?

It also confuses me that they stand by being a Judeo-Christian society even if they are fakes that merely go through the motions and hide behind it for security but they refuse to stand by a belief in Satan or Satanists as equally as they stand by thier religion that states this entity or spirit exists also on earth or at least spiritually on earth.

I see now. The way they handle their Christianity is what gets them the social acceptability they need to get through society so they can have things and get that material wealth and security, whereas believing in Satanism or that such people exist living out the spirit of such an entity or belief system would only force them to have to actually stand up for thier principals and thus muck up thier ability to have material things for security.

This is the main problem with people who are targeted where such abuse figures prominently. The public simply do not want to deal with it. Why should they it isnt happening to them.
I say just accept it as a reality without the panic. Its just a normal part of life here on earth and always has been. I also think that 'normal' people dont want to accept this becuz then they would have to fully realize the dark side within themselves.

Its obvious the way they treat the Target in our society that they write that person's life off as belonging to such forces or that the person's place is that of designated to slave status. They figure its too out of thier control and out of thier hands and they just write the person off as fated to live (and die) that way.

I dont think that we Survivors want the public to do anything about our situations. What we do want is for people to accept that this system exists and that Survivors are in many cases not mentally ill. Nor disinfo agents either.
And it is truly a game of hiding the true source of this at all times. Looking at history its hard to tell wether the source of greatest oppression is from Satanic factions or if its from factions within say, the Catholic Church for instance- Rome's reinvented and extended power. Torture and such corruption throughout the centuries cannot be ignored. It then confuses one as to who is more for freedom- Satanists or the Church? It may be that certain Satanic factions at least give one the decency of being not only overt about thier presence but being honest about the nature of evil in the world and within man.

Its sad to have to look at one's reality as a huge prison where only moments of freedom are possible and most people are going to ignore the fact that you are enslaved for life. I think most Targeted Survivors only want acknowledgment that thier predicaments are for real. That does not mean that the public could help them as it seems they are not able to do so.

My life would be alot easier if I could just come out and say I am a ritual abuse survivor and a survivor of programming who is permanently targeted by those factions due to my being a victim witness to thier activities and thier existence in society.

Partially the problem is that the TI envisions a day when they will no longer be enslaved or targeted. I think that this system does not ever let anyone who is programmed or an RA survivor gain independence. It seems that every one of us is targeted and if we refuse to suicide and then we refuse to be behavior modified we are then simply kept down for life.
What is so damaging is that the public does not understand and on top of ignorance of the truth they buy into cover stories and smear campaigns where the targeted Survivor is then further abused mostly by the public. This is the original system of enslavement of Survivors using the public to further torture the Survivor once they become targeted due to wanting to break free of enslavement.

The least the public could do is give up thier guilt reversal and just accept the person is controlled by forces within thier society that are 'evil' if you will or corrupt to the extreme and the person may be doing the best they can. In fact they may be deserving of alot of credit for what they have endured.

A guilt reversal is common in America. Its my term for when people see something that is so against thier moral standard or expectations of society that they turn away, deny and even vilify the victim in order to deal with the feelings of helplessness within themselves. One sees this in dysfunctional families such as where alot of violent and sick behavior is present.
Anyone from that family that whistleblows is not only vilified by the family but by the community as well. This is more common than you think. We also see this in the way our society now hates on prostitutes for instance. Its interesting that my grandmother's generation was probably more tolerant of what people did in their own private lives than younger generations were. Rome took care of this, sensibly of course, by simply taking such women out of the same categories that were for wives, daughters and mother's and gave them thier own niche with a more independant identity as business women would have.

The dark ages brought on by whatever forces working through the Church, the stench of which has never quite gone away especially in the US. America is a strange country nowadays where morality is based on things that make no sense whatsoever. Porn stars are socially acceptable, but prostitution can still be used as a weapon to totally destroy, making the public take on the persona of a which hunt from Salem circa 1600's.
And when people talk of such a profession they seem armed with prejudgment when its obvious they dont know anything about it at all. This is necessary in America, in order for Americans to psychologically survive the reality that mistreatment of abused people, women, children and boys seems to never be going away anytime soon. Its obvious that particular section of society is still treated with 19th century moralities and human/civil rights abuses. When people react badly to the idea or reality of prostitution they are reacting to their fear of the authority figure that also provides them with a good standard of living. And this is just the same hatred that is offered to Survivors of RA and programming.

This old black woman goes to On The Rise and another Target told me she was one of them. It did not seem likely but one day I overheard this b*tch saying to the women downstairs in the kitchen "They love her and she goes on that computer and she write liiiees" (yes the accent is Ebonic.) I hear alot of things people think I dont- welcome to a programmed person's powers of observation. Fools.
Then she has the audacity to ask me for a smoke one day. I dont smoke but I did take the opportunity to make the most of saying no by using it to torture her for all it was worth by making it seem like her being pathetic was the source of my annoyance which I knew that the mob mentality would latch onto. See how easy it is once we learn from the perps? Now can you imagine if you were a person who did such manipulations professionally? Being evil is something I would have excelled at enough years ago to built an empire on and still could gain much from totally destroying human beings. I just choose not to, its not something that interests me in this body I inhabit right now. I am very intrigued by the idea of revamping systems that dont work or making social changes that people think cant be made like the homeless human/civil rights issue. I still get to destroy and be evil but its done to people who deserve it. Messing with weak innocent people is boring, dead boring. Its too easy. There is nothing sporting about it is probably my main reason for disinterest. Taking down people who think they will have thier advantages forever is something fun to think about, especially since I now have a personal bone to pick with most shelters across the USA.
Hmph, even more reason to ensure I am kept down. They have to protect everyone who f*cked me over to get me so down as I am now. That is a pretty huge list. We are talking years of being harassed across all states in the US. We are talking entire communities as well as those who were closest to me.

Their only hope is to stick firmly by the schizophrenic/deserving immorality axis of excuse which is what they started out with in 2005 or so. You're mentally ill and delusional and then alternating with you deserved it. For some reason that still works, which is why I am getting constant non stop ideations all day long to get a lawyer. I wonder if doing so would really do any good? I may do so just to see if anything comes of it. However anything that this system wants of me is probably going to dig me into deeper sh*t.

It may also be thier only route to force me to finally confess everything so finally getting the results they want which would be that MK Ultra does work to deprogram or gain confession from programmed people. Having to face my situation in that way would certainly be the next stage of deprogramming that they want which is to completely leave my inner world and privacy and totally face all this in reality. Which I never should have had to do this way via torture and destruction of intelligence, talent. Unless we are going to sue for forced deprogramming via torture then I dont see what a lawsuit is going to do.

I know that people like my mother are behind this with a sick motivation of some sort of twisted idea that its for my own good and that its the only way to get me deprogrammed. That of course is so that she never has to be called on what she did. That is the only reason that any of this is being done the way it is being done. And the reason I am so kept confused and forgetful during the day is to further force me to submit to their way of getting through this opposed to the right way which would have been with a therapist in privacy.

The police are in on this due to them being very aligned with my mother about people having things done to them like this for thier own good. Many police seem to be in on this with my mother and her family. Its frightening actually just how many people are in on this in this area alone.

Its hard to seperate from and to just say that this system exists in our world and the people that belong to it are part of that evil no matter what thier rationalizations. My mother is evil and she is in the wrong no matter what she says, does or who she aligns herself with. Her police buddies are also in the wrong and they are also controlling and evil. Anyone who dares to just sit back and allow this to go on is evil and anyone who takes part in this is evil. This is all about hiding a system that makes alot of money in this city and adjoining areas. Its true they will always keep protecting Jake and Julie by keeping me down. But its mainly to prevent me from ever being believed in any claims I might make about anyone especially my family.

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