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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Charles Schlund article

This man is deceased now. Another person who died a painful death of slow torture without acknowledgment (if in fact he was genuine and not someone mirroring real Target's situations).

He seems genuine.

One of the reasons I feel he was is due to an incident in AZ. There was a woman there who was supposedly in charge of the AZ TI group for FFCH. Some of her behavior seemed to make her a real TI then other things she did make her seem full of sh*t. Then again I was at the time very new and still reeling from being on this ride so long without knowing exactly what was the nature of it. Probably she turned on me after secretly filming me in her condo, perhaps acting strangely. Thats IF shes genuine. If not then her job was to get me to trust her and then f*ck me over.
I did not trust her trying to get me into a get rich quick scheme with my remaining money from the OLNICK sign out of court small settlement. She also was always taking me places far from where she lived, places where one wud spend money.

Who knows. It could have been that FFCH at that time believed that the cover story made me to be an informant due to being in trouble or that the money I had was a pay off for being an informant, which was told to me by a rat in Connecticut, that was the story being circulated.

There was also a very strange and unstable woman who came to this other TI's house who was hosting me- she immediatley started messing with my head by making fun of me for remembering phone numbers, which would be linked to the cover story. She was really evil and creepy but like all people on this level she was pathetic. The thing I did NOT like about Bev in AZ was she seemed to have a too kind heart and NO sense of security in weeding out who was not to be taken serioulsy as to waste our time in the movement and who had red flags of being a perp. Then this b*tch from Scottsdale who lived in a vacant house claiming to be moving to Canada with the Email adress "scoobyJulie" acted like a perp, taunted me about how she "didnt become a prostitute" to save herself from poverty during being targeted, which of course she screwed up later by slipping and admitting she had "clients". She set me up so that it sounded like I was bad mouthing this black activist, the woman who does Organized Crime Waves. Later I found she was irresponsible and not to be trusted either. She asked me what I thought of her and I responded that we have to wait and see, if she exhibits red flags then shes suspect, like everyone else. This was taken to the hilt to get me mobbed out of FFCH and the mostly black female core of this ridiculous activist organization then went into praying and spirituals every time I got on the conference calls, one of which was about repenting, and it was definately directed at what I said about the woman from Organized Crime Waves.

This is another experience I have had where blacks figure prominently in gang stalking wether as perps or as alleged activists and always Christianity has to be brought into it which of course has NO PLACE in activism that is dealing with issues of law, state and govt.

The greatest red flag is when people know who you are and play with yer head but are supposed to be from an activist organization that is helping Targets like FFCH. They then set you up or reject you. The fact they know the cover story but dont know the real story is in itself a red flag.

This woman from AZ, Bev, she also gave me the greatest red flag of all which is to describe Charles Schlund as just "A TI who no longer deals with the group that much anymore- due to family issues". She downplayed his importance so well that only years later when the torture during Bush became managable during Obama, did I discover who he was and how important his work was. As far as I am concerned she cost me years off my life and well as added danger to my life and I will never forgive her or that bunch of jerks at FFCH.

If they are genuine you want nothing to do with them. They are totally ineffective which makes them suspect as hell. I have never seen a lazier more disorganized bunch of activists who cant get and keep thier sh*t together. If these people are programmed youd never know it. Programmed people would hone in on the problem, hunt it the f*ck down and kill it or fix it. Programmed people dont f*ck around, we get things done and effectively.

You want to see REAL programmed people's approaches to activism? Watch the videos of the Pres Advisory Committee on Radiation. Even the one on my channel, #10. See how the two victims giving testimony are determined to get thier information across as well as the dark haired one to the right of Val Wolfe, she interupts and asks if they recieved the info that she sent them and has a very forthright approach to information.

Many programmed people were couriers. This consists of being able to take a picture of a page of documentation and recall that, page after page of documents like a camera. It also means that you will deliver information at the risk of your own life and you will protect that information the same way. It means that such a person would be very particular about the quality of information in an exchange as well as very aware of security.

The people in FFCH are not aware of security and thier behavior is much more akin to perps doing thier Jerry Springer-esque dark circus than deprogrammed couriers, assasins or other hunter/warriors cutting through any bullshit to get the job done.

I say a number of these people are programmed to be on the bad guy's side and dont know it. Either that or they are TI's that people who know they are survivors of programming do NOT have time for. Thier approach is lazy, lax, unsafe, time wasting, petty and so non militant that the thought of them beating ANY opponent is a joke. They associate with Code Pink, a joke to real non reactionary grown up women everywhere who dont have to be feminists to be warriors, as well as they stick tin foil on thier heads and go to rallys at Washington DC, usually accomplishing nothing year after year. What have they accomplished?

I notice that people like Schlund who are from Yale, get lawyers and have actual real dirt on important people usually are the types to "not deal with the group anymore". I have heard many voices on those conference calls and I know now that many were genuine. And that many are operatives who are knowingly or unknowingly full of sh*t and meant to get in the way of anyone who seeks to destroy the opposition with the focus of a laser beam. Some of us dont have time to sit in our sh*t in whats left of our lives at our homes and whine about being targeted. Perhaps that is thier greatest weakness.

Its sad that people like Schlund dont get ALL the attention and its taken by people like Code Pink and FFCH. Schlund, if he was genuine, sounds more reasonable than most. The only problem would be substantiating his claims like that he was a contemporary of Bush at Yale etc.

What I like most is that there was a lawsuit connected to his case where he got paid in a civil suit against Bush as well as in the US case, the govt refuses to deny as well as affirm its use of technologies to torture people like himself who are 'targeted'.

Its sad that so many TI's get overloaded with info but not the right info- not this info, which is like meat and potatoes instead of fluff, which is at FFCH. When I started going into the conference calls, they were going to rent a bus and drive it across country with balloons on it, as a grass roots way of getting the word out on gang stalking. Even back then it didnt make sense and sounded like a very bad idea.
I was driven out of the group before I could ask any more questions and draw attention to the fact that this was most likely a holding area for TI's who did not yet understand mind control fully. If yer targeted dont you think that perps could more easily get rid of a large number of you if you were all together on a vehicle? Duh! Or poison you or monkey with the bus?

This was for TI's who were so compartmentalized that the attempts on our lives that we dealt with just did not filter through to our daily life alters that were there to protect us from these horrors.

I will never forget the way people here at shelters etc were mean to me and mocked me and messed with me, and I had dealt with attempts on my life as well as other horrors. This is how deep the corruption goes and I dont believe that most of these rotten human beings believe just the cover story.

This means you have an entire nation that has been infiltrated by whatever faction this is. Lets say it IS CIA just for good measure. THAT MANY PEOPLE???? Are you KIDDING me? It is so hard to wonder its easy to make TI's sound paranoid. But that is what a heavily targeted TI experiences. Every bus driver in St Louis? WFT is that? Even when you go to the central housing of the bus employees for whatever reason, there they are, making fun of you.

I would like to think that the country just has legions of citizen spies who are stupid enough to believe its all about some "stripper" as I was once described but they are really being used by higher ups who know the whole story.

I think that the people of the USA will do whatever corrupt authority wants them to do in order to ensure they keep beating the rest of the world and being the boss and policing everyone. Either that or you have a very serious problem with one faction that works together to control the USA covertly and they use abuse as if it were nothing. Which means they are totally illegal and breaking human and civil rights readily as why would they have to do so covertly?

Charles Schlund is one of the cases you should look at and study thoroughly, and use caution in deciding if he was totally genuine or not. Its a better shot that being a bozo on a bus full of TI's with balloons flying down a highway singing 'cumbi-ya, my lord, cumbi-ya', most likely on its way to another fruitless rally complete with tin foil hats.
How come no lawyers ever get into this? Or get targeted? Why is it always loonies? Like I said, stay away from the bus...and get with poor gone Chuck.

Charles Schlund RIP

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