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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama Is Going to Rearrange the Govt/ The Address is Down the Rabbit Hole

So its finally coming to pass. Obama is going to restore your faith in the US govt and of course the plan all along was to destroy that faith so that this "reorganizing" of the US govt could come to pass. NWO here we come.

Listening to this and watching it on TV from the perspective of knowing how much corruption is behind all of this its like watching a scene from 1984 for me. I know my faith can never be restored and I continue to be ignored and justice will most likely never come for me. I watch the people in thier seats listening to this address. I know now that its all a lie. That there is no freedom left. That the poker faces of these men and women in suits politely listening to him are the result of going along with the agenda. Their true feelings and thoughts are not seen or known. They could turn at any moment depending on what the agenda required.

Imagine being in a room full of vipers like that. Knowing how deadly they all are and knowing that as long as you play your role properly you can stay alive and perhaps flourish.

Its chilling watching this. My innocence has totally been lost to time. I can now never look at things at face value again now I know what goes on, how its planned and things are manipulated to create realities.

When I think of being on that Greyhound bus ride through the southwest, being gassed in my seat, being manipulated and having my programming or state of consciousness toyed with, and an entire bus full of people in on it not one of them a genuine random civilian...and then being gassed again with air or something to wake me up. Then having them torment and mock me on the way off the bus at our destination..
To recall this, and watch what I am watching- the two realities are so in conflict. I now see right through. Watching Obama is one of the great works of fiction on video I am to watch lately. It is like a movie from my perspective.

He says "We should have no illusions about the work ahead of us." Its all an illusion, this whole set up. Oh and hes talking about the railroads. So its true what those old school truckers were telling me that they were trying to destroy and control the trucking industry to favor the railroads. Even though truckers were in on gang stalking locally in my experience that was LOCAL truckers. Long haul old school truckers know whats up and they are fighting to protect their livelihood. I will be forever grateful for thier assistance and thier knowledge throughout my ordeal.
There ARE working people who know whats going on and are fighting in thier own way. Resistance.

I dont even know if getting out of the country is going to work at all. Or if its better to die fighting here on the front lines so we can fight this cancer at its core. "

"WE DO BIG THINGS".. ah more signs of the great dumb down of America. Do you think that Ford could have gotten away with such nursery school speach in his address? Its disgusting.

We do big things. Thats for sure. I have experienced this myself. The stalking and harassment networks are surely very big things. The manpower involved alone is huge and mind blowing to think about its existence. BIG human experimentation campaigns. BIG smear campaigns. Big big things. Thats an understatement.

Countries that do big things write off small, unimportant people like myself as expendable in the getting done of those 'big things'. I know from experience this is true. So many of us dont benefit but only suffer from a country that does big things.

Where is the white rabbit coming out of nowhere and telling me that he's late for an important date? We are expected to follow I am sure. Its not about Main Street anymore. We are no located down the rabbit hole and it seems there is no return.

My favorite character was always Cheshire cat. He knows whats going on but seems cynical and unphased and he makes the best guide. There is always this type of guide in situations like this so find hidden info where you can and understand it wrapped in being seemingly cryptic. The Mad Hatters tea party is all intimidation and mind games for sure.

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