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Monday, January 24, 2011

Electromagnetic Pollution

I love how they still insist on refering to the affects of technologies or even just sensitivities to these technologies as 'disease'. When are they going to return to thier senses and admit that mankind has not lived under such conditions in his evolution at anytime and these new conditions just dont suite a good percentage of us.

I know I claim to be a specifically targeted individual, aside from the population. Being harassed around the country or me just still mentally reeling from the past years of damage, mostly from the Bush administration era of harassment, left me little time to fully explain what I experience with being hit by these technologies as target. The experience is more specific and severe than average people will experience but I want to make it clear that the begininning of the spectrum is right here- in the high sensitivity to electromag or microwave technologies.
So looking at it that way, that is the beginning and a TI only goes from there to be hit very hard and having it tailored to that person.

One of the reasons I believe even myself is not that I am in denial about being mentally ill, its due to my long term experience being that the way these events occur, they occur strictly according to the rules of technologies not mental illness. As well as the fact that I have two very strong causal factors or motives for my 'enemies' or perpatrators: I was being harassed and tricked into testifying against a woman who is very connected and protected with clients that no one is going to allow to be touched by a mere investigation into money laundering in Boston among cops and corrupt FBI. They were looking for the drug people not the other criminals. However, having that established, one then wonders logically why I was hit so hard with a harassment and smear campaign if I was a lowly bottom feeder as far as money or information goes- basically a nobody with nothing. That doesnt add up.

Cover stories rarely survive upon the true stories being told. Cracks in logic begin to be evident, once the mob has lost thier pack instinct to rip apart the smeared person and believe authorities. Think of how many people in that investigation could have been coerced into doing anything to save thier asses from being busted or htier lives disturbed? Now think of the more sinister forces behind MK Ultra and the human radiation experiments that my mother is a documented survivor of, where she was actually "followed" or harassed gang stalking style into not going to the President's Advisory Committee on Radiation Experiments 1995.
Think about her thyroid conditions so common with radiation exposure. Think of her and I being the only two females in the family with chronic severe endometriosis, now admitted to being an autoimmune disease. Think about my research as well- into healing with music or sound, into pregesterone birth control pills possibly making women suseptible to parasitic diseases as well as women not getting informed of the dangers of taking such hormones that are the same as taking sterioids. Think of how much money my mold lawsuit would have cost OLNICK in NYC who owned the building I was in, and wonder why the landlady Barbara Pettiti immediately disolved the trust that owned the building locally,with her home address on it, right after I filed to sue Olick NYC, Hampton Management NYC and Warren Hall Trust Newton MA. Warren Hall Trust was disolved and she immediately moved to Framingham. Coincidence, perhaps but that isnt what my attorney told me. He told me by bringing action against them, I opened a whole can of worms if you will with some scam they were pulling of which I am not familiar due to not being a real estate expert. Which of course raises the question as to why you would allow any sort of problems in the building if you were trying to stay under the radar with a scam. The last tenant who I knew personally had no problems for 10 years. Within one year of my living there a heater burst outside the kitchen then the next year in the back of my living room. Causing mold damage and causing me to get sick as I was so out confused by the gang stalking campaign going on with the federal investigation and my boyfriend using all this somehow to try to frame me for his drug bust (alot going on eh?) I stayed instead of staying in a shelter and suing.
One of the things Chuck Pettiti said to me was basically that I was going to be forced to leave due to all this, which indicated that they never meant to fix the problem as they should have by law. This was most likely arranged to get me on the road again-homeless. Me getting exposed to mold was inevitable as it was in the living room under a couch and I did not find it for a month or so. Believe me, the collective campaign was designed for me to stay in that apartment as long as possible and to this day I still say that MK Ultra can be pulled off with any form of mold doing brain damage, not just LSD being administered.

During this time I experienced suicide programming in three layers which was something in me not the environment which I had been carrying around all my life.

If indeed I was programmed and was waking up to that fact, MK Ultra would be the ultimate way to immediately seize the problem and not only gain information by this method but also erase memories and finally- to reformat the personality or behavior modify. And that is exactly what I encountered over the past seven years, and actually in total from 1996-present its technically 14 years. Then add to the oddities of my life people pointed out to me later who were not affiliated with the crowd who handled me. I learned slowly that the way my life had gone was not normal. The things my family did to me, the way I was treated was not normal. How rude strangers were, bus drivers etc on a daily basis causing much agitation in my personality was NOT normal. The way that the system of assistance and housing seemed to avoid helping me as it did other people was strange. The negligence of doctors, nurses and other medical people was very strange, often they were outright abusive for no apparent reason.
As a kid partying in my 20's people were always trying to entrap me into going to the FBI to confess or rat on myself by claiming that whoever I was with or working for got busted by the feds. Multiple people tried to get me to mule drugs and it was obvious I was a mess and would never have made it through customs. Everybody was basically abusive to me, controlling, used me for stuff or treated me like a slave.
The looks I saw on people's faces later on during the overt, 24/7 harassment were then familiar to me as the same sort of looks I saw all my life from people looking to frame me, entrap me, use me, control me or get some other gain from the gang stalking system.

This was not my imagination. The system that runs mind controlled slaves makes sure the person is so miserable, so abused all thier lives with no other knowledge of any other kind of life, that they will surely suicide out of sheer pain and sorrow when the suicide programming sequences become triggered.

One of the most destructive factors in my harassment was the use of DEW, microwaves or whatever else they use. I have been burned, given pain in various parts of my body, had the sensations of hot needles pricking my back in large numbers (until I got a back tooth removed then this ceased), had my body arch, jerk and had the sensation of being electroshocked at exact intervals such as every 10 heartbeats or every 60 seconds- exactly according to a pattern. I have fallen asleep without warning I have been given anxiety and worst of all panic attacks. I am sure now at least that the panic attacks as well as the intersticial cyctitis were both induced solely by technologies.

I experienced the worst tortures during Bush and when Obama signed the exec order to limit how much personell could torture detainees or susepects, my campaign got alot more tolerable and such severe abuses ceased. I did not know these two events corralated until recently. Also much of the tactics or nature of the torture resembled torture in interrigation camps like systematic rape and damaging body tissue such as in organs like the heart to cause damage not detectable at the time but would shorten one's lifespan later.

I experienced plates breaking by themselves right in half in my apartment, ideations, believed I was being shown the house was haunted when in fact it was most likely technologies being used. Its interesting that 'ghost hunters' use the same equipment to find paranormal activity that TI groups use to detect electromagnetics.

These technologies are documted by the US govt. Anything related to MK Ultra: anything is possible.

To deny that for TI's is part of our greatest pain in continued living.

For instance I note that on Sundays in this Cambridge area, as I have posted over the duration of my being here, I get relief from what I am convinved is some sort of remote influence. I recently was told by someone that the wifi signal in Harvard Sq area is oten like 13 or 20 percent whreas during the week it is noticsbly higher.

Elecromag pollution exists m and people should do something abou tit now not wait till its too late.


Anonymous said...

When I was a child, I wouldnt DREAM of listening to a Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus type. Not that I think such types are bad. I believe first of all they aren't as good as they could be, not that I am saying they have true talent like TI's have. Firstly, they are just going along with what the market wants them to, and thus are doing what they have to do, at the behest of the mighty Record Companies. Organized Crime has always been a controlling factor in the Recording industry. Especially Roulette Records -- there is at least one anecdote of execs there sending out thugs to carjack and beat the f*ck out of one artist who wanted to leave the label. And of course, the producers work for the record company, who "answer" to other big wig criminal powerhouses, so all of this trickles down to the singer.

Well, even if that weren't the case, as a kid, I liked the Eagles, Stones, Paul Simon, Ted Nugent (who supposedly never drank nor did drugs), AC/DC, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, etc. I never really got into Bieber type stuff. It's very telling that even the fluff/disco back then, which got you laughed at, just shames a lot of stuff out there today. Stuff like Bee Gees: I mean, that is far from high-energy stuff, yet they seem to have some genuine talent and knack for writing. And also, there have been some unfortunate things happening to that clan as well: like Andy Gibb dying at age 30 of a viral heart infection. That doesn't make a lot of sense. It seems so minimal... dying of a heart infection as opposed to an overdose. Then again, I believe there was a cover up there too, as Andy was heavily into drugs at the time, so an overdose or weakened heart from those is a reality.

Everyone else with genuine talent seems to shoehorn themselves into the Country category, which really reeks of crass commercialism as well. But Country is merely the lesser of "evils", so it's better to mold and morph your songs into the country genre than aim for "mainstream" pop, because mainstream pop has heavy-handed mind control influences. Hence, they'd require Bieber and others to do the Teen Idol thing, because the agenda requires the Teen/preteen crowd to be groomed as well.

I'll bet Bieber would rather be doing some other forms of music. I just don't see him slamming those teen chicks. Doesn't seem the type. He is the type who probably would be doing broadway or family type music (like the Bee Gees again) if he had the right people around him. But then again, comparing the BG's to Bieber is blasphemy. Even light music has it's place, and become extremely powerful when used properly.

Anonymous said...

Around 2006 I started hearing about this whole "change is good" deal. I was exposed to countless directed conversations and suggestions by perps themselves that I "need to change" and "are you afraid of change"? And I got a directed conversation to the tune of "yeah, I think he'll change eventually." I didn't realize it, but it's obvious the "change" they're talking about is staying quiet and let them behavior modify me. I was astounded that they actually were this cocky to think *I* would want to conform the standards by lowering my standards to faceless "crowd" people I don't trust.