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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Shepard Fairey- The Poster Creator and some media psy ops fun

Here is Shepard Fairey with his creation that made him a household name:
It's his other works like this one that have made him what he is today:
His artworks created for psychological warfare campaigns.
Yes, this is the piece of crap that was posted right outside of Pine Street Inn (the biggest homeless shelter in Boston) a few years ago.
You wouldnt see it as I do, becuz you dont know the specs of my situation but as I posted, the phrase 'By Any Means Necessary' is the title of my ex's low budget movie he made with local director Paul Solanis. 

This film came out at the time when my ex Jake Hamilton (Hamilton Graphic Design and formerly of the local band THERE) was being given opportunities and rewarded like crazy for assisting the system at large in destroying my life and locally by doing things like an attempted frame up for local crooked cops and their legit friends. My family and their people stepped in I am to understand to prevent that.

Jake also looks very much like the man in the poster who its intimaded is African American he could be Caucasian as there's no skin color.  His instrument was bass in his band.  Coincidence?
Its also very threatening as the bass is a gun.

'By any means necessary, obey' ?? That's a horrible message to both the public and a Targeted Individual alike.

Sadly, a TI who this message focuses on is actually acutely aware more so than the public that this administration is dedicated to the ongoing agenda started during Bush.

Another media psy op was recorded by me years ago from a Hollywood movie.  A snapshot taken from the movie put out during Bush I believe, during a period of some of the worst torture.

It stars Bruce Willis and is about a witness who talks to himself so much that crooked cops try to frame him thinking hes stupid when in fact he just talks to much. (!)

In fact these images look exactly like what Jake would look like if he were mixed with my handler boyfriend after Jake-Scott Ashmanski who beat information out of me to find out how much I knew or didnt know during the federal investigation in Boston early 2000's, (that has been used as the cover story for my gang stalking campaign from the beginning).

Its like Jake and Scott got married, had a baby and he got work as a movie extra! This creation is the main point of this particular scene. He is not featured in the movie and is not pertinent to the plot nor the film in any way so why would the director choose to focus so much on him? (rent the movie and watch the scene.)

An African American man who befriended me named Leroy showed me this and other movies THAT SEEMED HAND PICKED due to all containing psy ops placed in them specifically for me. Leroy is older and non threatening and would let me stay in his room at an SRO in Brookline owned by Pine Street Inn (who've bought up many rooming houses in Boston area). Leroy is an occasion crack smoker so perps would try to claim I was a snitch due to hanging out with him.
A man who lived next to Leroy slipped and almost revealed info to me once regarding Two And A Half Men being also a psy ops show targeting me AND A FEW DAYS LATER A WOMAN HE HADNT SEEN IN YEARS SHOWED UP AND THEY BOTH WERE FOUND DEAD WITH HEROIN AND NEEDLES IN THE ROOM. His usual drug was also crack not H. The next day slightly mafia/crooked cop looking guys on a bus sitting behind me did directed conversation tryjng to psych me out that I was suspected of being involved with the murder due to my having been a heroin addict in my 20s which I did not buy into.

Leroy was former military. He also seemed to be being assisted by an older black woman who worked at the SRO in recieving and selwcting the movies I would be shown.
Leroy was also one of THREE sources that made sure I got the impression of being chopped into little pieces then put together again.
The other two were in the Simpsons movie and from Gaahl in the movie True Norwegian Black Metal when he was the lead singer of Gorgoroth.
Being chopped into little pieces and put back together again is not only one of the sensations I'd been tortured with but its also a famous story about what Seth did to Osiris and Isis had to rescue his chopped body parts from the trunk or chest Seth put them in.
Seth in Egyptian myth is the god of darkness and the underworld, brother of Osiris, the good and just pharoah and Isis is their sister.

Michael Aquino founded the Temple Of Set after leaving the Church Of Satan. In the past decade or so the new high priestess of TOS is an African American woman.

Here is the movie this is from, 16 BLOCKS:

 In the end the solution to the main character's problems is to go to Oregon, which I have heard suggested to me by perps a hundred times by now myself from perps.  I know intellectualy its a bad idea due to the fact its too moldy there and there's a lot of cult activity. Too moldy, too depressing.

 This culture portrays me as a bimbo. America, like I have said before is TRAINED to destroy art, artists and to avoid art in daily life. ITS THE ONLY MECHANISM THAT KEEPS DISNEYLAND IN BUSINESS.

The problem with all this is that to the people who are not targeted it seems like TI's are making a big deal over 'little things'. The uninitiated have no idea what its like to be removed from your life and then have everything you recall of it used as material to drive you to suicide or a mental institution. Just sit back in your chair and ponder that for a while and see what you come up with.
Abducted off the street, betrayed or written off by family and friends and community, isolated, tortured and then when you wont break to suicide or submission it become behavior modification. You have no rights, no representation. You are not allowed to talk to council, you cannot even get out to let people know what is happening to you or to others in the same predicament. The system will not stop until you submit to forgetting everything that occurred and basically being silent about it for life. You then walk the earth in your own country as a forever stateless person.

Hey wait a minute! That sounds just like what was going on exactly at the same time frame with OVERT worldly affairs and activities with abduction and torture of 'suspects' and 'detainees'!

that sound bite that will forever live in my head that fat guy who looks like all the Italian mob guys I have ever seen, with the same dark, shifty eyes- the head of the CIA during Bush- who looked right at the camera, leaned into it a bit and pointed his finger saying "We DONT torture people".

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