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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Do Not Let This Last Act Of Violence Be the Ritual That Finally Seals the Timeline

I dont trust this at all. There is a feeling of calm after this last action that I do NOT trust one bit.

We know that this system is manipulative as all hell. If they have some pawn take an act of violence and use that symbolically to then push people into "cooling the rhetoric" its very suspect.

I realized this after seeing how this went down and how its being used.

We cannot forget about what was done during Bush. We cannot forget about what was taken from us. We cannot forget about the anger we have A RIGHT TO after what was done to us as a nation as well as individuals. I personally am not willing to let this system with its very metaphysical forces just bust through The Gates, take, destroy and now be let back to wherever it came from with me missing a soul or my spiritual energy that was taken. I will never let that happen.

Ritualistically that is what they are trying to do. This threat of violence, and that is what this was a coercion, is to make us all 'cool down'. What is the reason we are so heated to begin with? Its becuz we havent been able to be honest about what was done to us during BUSH as well as the economy after during OBAMA as well as he and his vice president's arrogant approach as managing the situation through arrogance, as if talking to a bunch of kindergarteners while addressing a nation of people who have a right to be angry...on levels that would have caused a major revolution anywhere else. But a country that rewards non action with material wealth as well as is under mind control to NOT take action is going to be...akin to a bunch of kindergardeners.

This is the final insult in these last decades of strife as individuals and a nation. If you couldnt express before exactly what was wrong with our country, then now is the time to finally address it instead of being manipulated into Jerry Springer like diversion, which is what "heated political rhetoric" was all about. Its time to finally face up, not cool the f*ck down.

If you do that, you allow the criminals to walk off into the sunset with the money, the spirit and the blood of countless human beings in a massive ritual that leaves all of us slaves forever, half alive.

I refuse to 'cool down' under threat becuz I know what is going on and this is manipulative at best. I will not cease until I am given what was taken from me or something of equal value.

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