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Friday, January 21, 2011

Latest Hate Mail: Tim Burton's Fans Have Spoken..But They Cant Spell

More hate mail kids.
This is my fav comment to date. Its obviously from someone who doesnt read my blog that often..due to the fact that there are multiple posts on religious freedom, occult, metaphysical issues of all kinds, Satanism, Rosicrucianism, Masonic content, Voodoo, Atheism, Odinism, far eastern belief systems, Nazism and I often post music that is not Christian thats for sure.
Also, I would like to point out that an idiot may be defined as someone who cannot spell properly. I assume "CHOCK" was supposed to be 'choke'.

By Anonymous on More nightmares for the kiddies: Tim Burton's ALIC... on 1/20/11
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Just becuz I point out content in a movie for kids that no kid should be watching unless his parents are fully informed of its nature does not mean I am a Christian. It means I despise cheap deceptions meant to fool innocent people who trust in Disney when its obvious in years of research that no one should trust their kids to this company nor Hollywood.

If you are going to deceive it better be good or someone is going to catch yer sorry ass if you suck at it. Disney deceptions used to at least be seductive and attractive- artful like Fantasia.
No one wants to see Depp dressed as an evil clown with dark lighting filter expressing a possession by Madonna. Its just metaphysical D- material. Burton needs to sit in the corner with a dunce cap not a wizard's hat for this one and that wife of his gets the clue she is not as capable of subtlety as she believes she is. Her portrayal of the Red Queen is one such example.
She's been a little snot since The Young Ones and as much as I like The Comic Strip they often have connections to being dark hearted on the sly. I could swear that Rick from Young Ones whole persona was stolen from Joe Strummer of The Clash.

Funny is fine, art is great but when you start messing with political issues beyond comedy or art and playing damaging mind games with the public YOU BETTER BE GOOD AND YOU BETTER GET IT RIGHT.
Classical artists knew how to get it right. Today's so called 'artists' playing games are no better than cheap psychologists, and they're too lazy to be artful about it. Too many fashion shows to go to or whatever these bores do with thier time off when not making cheap trash meant to enslave simple minds.

Now let me get back to listening to Darkened Nocturn Slaughter Cult.... idiot.

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