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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

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Anonymous said...

I was just pondering that on my walk last night. It seems as a baby growing up in the early 70's, that the entire "atmosphere" was so much different than today. Today, it feels much different: seems everyone is selling out to the System, and there is a lot of "shallowness" and lack of depth to everyone and everything. It's like you can divide up different eras of my life into little "planes" of conscious reality. I believe I was targeted lifelong, but there is/was something very different about each decade in general, maybe not each "decade" per se, but more like little "mini-eras". It just seems each "mini-era", it feels like the plane of reality is much different. Up until 4 years old, my life was just so happy. I could wake up and look at the sun on the way, and get this "isn't it great to be alive?" feeling. In the 70's, it felt so much more different, like you had more "space". The 80's felt different too, reality-wise, as did the 90's. Now, since 2007, everyone seems so tense, like anyone you might might snap, unless they're a perp or operative, and the "air" or "atmosphere" has this tense, rigid, cold, police-state type feel to it, like we're living in Nazi Germany.