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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Obama's War on Whistleblowers



How obvious is it to anyone who has dealt with this crap that the sex charges come up awful close to him being a whistleblower? Duh...I mean really, who in this day and age of overt-covert moves like this does not see this as suspect?

The guy exposed the fact that as many of us have been saying its all gone too far. That certain factions seem to run the show no matter what your title is, whether diplomat or otherwise.

All grown ups realize that powerful people with the most money are the ones who get what they want. I think alot of the reactionary activities going on nowadays is due to the whitewashing of not only America and her actions but her culture as well. No one likes being turned into a prison and then told that the authority figures can do absolutely no wrong and if so the corruption is now being dealt with once and for all so dont question it any further.

The idea that corruption could not exist in a world full of human beings is just too much to ask. The strategy of this is to get this supposed god-like perfect authority to seem to squeky clean that their example is one you should follow, which of course simply means that those with the most money, power and connections can continue to do as they please behind now streamlined crime operations that have been neatly tucked around the edges while the public have been thouroughly taught to act in a manner consistent with perfect adherence to every law, every norm and every rule...under said authority figures.

There is something creepy and unrealistic about building a world so perfect that no corruption seems to exist. Its called deception and its very dangerous. What they want it seems is another old futile system where the king in his castle cannot be viewed by any peasants nor anyone else in the kingdom and the population is controlled by Inqusition like torture and intimidation as well as people are trained to believe untruths while the secret elite have access to everything back to ancient Egypt- while your average villager of such a place believes the world is flat and god created all.

That sounds about right.

Why create a nation of people that are very self righteous in believing in being 'good' and following laws and authority's word when there is still corruption? Its enslavement plain and simple and for the powers that be to take such steps to punish some guy who leaks info that we have been looking at since the 60's anyway is bizarre.

But as I was told once by a retired history teacher, its all about getting rid of 60's born attitudes. No more corruption viewing by the public, no more calling authority on its moves. Being savvy enough to know corruption is part of the system is not even acceptable anymore, for some reason people must believe that our govt is good good oh so good. People know that is not true but they go along with this collective fantasy..its called brainwashing. Why must the American people fall into line with the idea that there is nothing wrong with America or its leaders? Just becuz there are foriegn terrorists doesnt mean that citizens pointing out corruption are sympathizers.

I was looking at my copy of the Constitution last week, a hardcover version that I bought at the Harvard CoOp. Something told me that in future, it will be illegal to have possession of such a book. I can only hope that was my tired body making my imagination work overtime, and I was simply in need of slumber to cure that state of mind.

Interestingly, there was a stabbing at the CoOp so no one can sleep there anymore. I noticed that before this occurred there was police surveillance to make SURE that I had left the area and was no longer sleeping there. So I was protected and the authority figures got the results they wanted by strange and nasty violent coincidences serving thier agenda...which has been the story of my life for the last decade or two really.

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