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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

WTF Is Up With The African American Male Psych Warriors And Psychic Rape?

Omg Boston has lowered themselves to tbe level of San Diego. They now have active gang stalking perps who are PSYCHIC WARRIORS or agents (look up Cheney's Spoon Benders) and just like years ago in that area of Cali they use some hoodoo voodoo ass bullsh#t to utilize the sexual arousal part of brainwashing a person.

We all know by now that rape and sexual manipulation are key to CULT MIND CONTROL. Many of us have experienced this system using elextronic rape or sexial arousal by way of the tech in use. This was especially damaging when it torture durong tje Bush administration.

You can catch them doing it by looking over to the source of the unwelcome stimulation and sure.enough some black male assjole (typical weakling perp) is focusong on you, standong in some corner.

The minute you look at this creein ass motherfucker of course he moves quick so as to be stupid enuf to let you know HES BEEN MADE (spotted, exposed, found out).
Its exacrly like the idiot perps in vehicles that are stalking you and do the same thing when u spot them.

This is on par with Obama admin torture and shenanigans in order to dominate for the New World Order using People Of Color. In Boston blacks are power hungry and dangerous in seeking social and political dominance due to theur having alot.of power as house slaves basically but whites still denying them equality.

Its also a very political and acedemic place and people are dead serious about Liberal agendas.

To counter this use the counter tactics of racial awareness and using the old pagan belief systems of your ancestors from whatever culture they hailed from.

Nothing is more powerful than your DNA and the human beings that came before you. The power of the flesh- those related to you and the codes in your DNA.

This is one of the reasons Diversity is neing abused and used to break down sockety and acedemics claim race is a social construct. As well as destroying nationalism, borders, culture, ethnicity etc.

I wonder if COINTELPRO used such black psy warriors against activists in the 60s.

This happened in Harv Sq Homeless Shelter that the system broke down in tnr past two years to accept people from outside Harvard Sq homeless scene by making it a lotery not first come first serve for beds.

I firmly bekieve that after OCCUPY and the Boston Bombing this area was assessed and they realized its a protected insular environment with a specific sub culture all its own that by nature rejects outsiders, people not known to us and anyone whos not creative, intelligent, interesting, free thinking or people who are restrictive such as ghetto culture (sexism, anti gay sentiment brought up from the South, male dominance, glorifying ignorance talking shit and wating energy instead of just shutting up and fighting, useless drama.)
That used to go for all ghetto.culture of all ethnicities. You hang out around a major Ivy League becuz you are drawn to that not becuz youre an idiot.

This scene never was fond of mindless drunks either but thats now who is ruining Harvard Square.

So its been very necessary to break down the sub culture here to bring the NWO tactics into our little village.

However my few nights here and there I stay in the place due to low temps has been ok lately. Except for the Libtard extremists..ew.

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