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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Star Maket In Porter Square-Worst Racist Harassment From Blacks Anywhere In Cambridge

This plaza regularly allows BLACK MALES to panhandle undisturbed but if I have tried recently a black male foriegn security guard harasses ONLY ME and I've also had Somerville police suv trucks trail me into the plaza at night as well as black males in vehicles who harass me and one even made sure I heard he was calling the police.

The black young women in this store call me sir as a form of harassment and I consider this HOMOPHOBIC behavior and actions. Though Im not gay this is what its based on.

Its insulting not sticking to acceptable societal norms for gender.

A black woman who doesn't work in the plaza a few weeks ago accused me publicly of stealing from the supermarket and first claimed she worked for the supermarket then when i said Id have her fired for the public harassment and accusation outside the plaza ON PUBLIC PROPERTY she changed her story.


Once again I purposely dont steal in orser to put the most power possible into beating my enemies in the long term. IF I BEG SO MUCH -IF IM ONE OF THE ONLY PEOPLE BEGGING IN THE COLD AND SNOW THEN WHY WOULDNT I JUST STEAL INSTEAD.

This plaza is owned by a couple, and the husband is now deceased. The internet claims he was a darling of Harvard University etc.

This is the company: GRAVESTAR INC.

They seem to be out of Cali.

Also theres been very nasty harassment from an older black woman who works late at night.

Note that a dangerous homeless woman also named Rachel hangs out in here all night long to stay warm.

In the past she has done viscous slander on me locally, claiming I was lying about traveling the country (when I clearly post photos on FB) and trying to turn other locals against me by telling them "Rachael (me) doesnt do something for nothin".


Why am I the only other homeless person assisting two elderly homeless one of which is ill with small things?

I assume these people are just reverse racist and perhaps listen to people like Rachel and crooked cops too much but the harassment in Porter Sq has always been very bad.

Still cant figure that out.

Rachel used to work in social work and is very smart about politics as it pertains to local and elections etc. Shes fiercely dedicated to Feminism and the Liberal agenda. Ive experienced alot of harassment from such people in this area.

I told the young woman tonight I am sicj of that insult of being called sir (then maam) and that she would lose her job etc. Both young black bitches were smiling like the evil selfish sneaky shits they are and her apology was a joke.

There's even a window outside CVS in the plaza featuring artwork themed with African American slavery and breaking chains, MLK etc.

This place has a reverse racist agenda that's very nasty and overt.

However one black foriegn young male cashier, the foriegn cleaning guy AND ALL THE LATE NIGHT STAFF THAT STOCKS including the manager (all whites mostly) are NICE TO ME and I have no problems.

For some reason the women working here are the problem. Even an overweight white female at night is not nice at all especially working with the older black woman.

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