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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mobbed With Violence By St Francis Scum While Begging For Morning Coffee Downtown Boston

Like downtown DD coffee better than Cambridge becuz its not bitter.

Flying sign in front of DD on Washington street and Essex St Boston. Easnt a problem last week then again everyone was probably too lazy to come out after the first snow. Perps are horribly entitled spoilt scumbags.

Mobbed on Washington st Boston by St Francis shelter scum. Some guy got violent threatened me had to pull knifw out so of course he walks.

Chinese and Latinos doing gesturing tactics and of course a few union-small tradesman scum.

They were careful of being filmed but seemed more concerned with me logging into this blog.

Some of the St Francis scum both white and black hung around Dunkin Donuts as if to try to threaten Id be harmed if I tried to leave.

They ALL left when I started writing and YUPpie perps also left the shop.

One black lady was doing directed conversation saying something about 'when its time to go down YOUR GOIN DOWN'.

Ok. By totally illegal means? This is supposed to be whats gonna take me down?

And you badasses are afraid of a blog?

So how is that powerful enuf to take someone down?

U may annoy them to death but its not taking anyone down.

Many of them gave up when I just drank my coffee and talked on the phone but they ALL cleared out like troops being withdrawn when the writing started.

Yep. Goin down...uh huh. Riiighhht.

And yes I used the N word. I sang a Screwdriver song quietly as I panhandled just to piss eveyone off.

Just to be a contrary asshole.

They wanna create racists well they are doing a good job.


Again go straight to hell and drop dead.

After fighting with perps always return to being nice and normal and calm.

Its like swatting flies to get rid of pests. Dont let it ruin your mood.


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Anonymous said...

It helps a little if you keep in mind that perp logic is vastly different than real-world logic. Perps think using "laws" from the cult rather than the truth in order to "prove" things. That bitch who opened up her yap and said "it's over", you should've gone after her, pulled her aside, and asked her "what's over"? Most of the time, they'll just stall and say things like "yah, 'it' is over. Um whatever 'it' is." Again, the cult they are in tells them how to think and what to say, and telling them to back up their claims, they can't use real-world logic to back a single thing up they say. The best they can do is attempt to weasel out of it by using their pack mentality, which fails in a lot of cases.