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Friday, January 1, 2016

Street People In Use In High Numbers Around Cambridge MA Area

The use of informants and street urchins is out of control now. They are approaching domestic issues with military tactics or the like.

Its so scary how they are breaking down anything bohemian or alternative and infiltrating it, taking away freedom and making these places akin to prisons with the homeless as inmates.

Perps from the 240 Albany St drunk tank is more frequent than Ive ever seen it.

Its  like everyone works for this system now. Why?  Its become sooo bizarre. Almost comical.

Drug dealers, incoherent bums, hard core drunks, and just EVERYONE with a heroin habit right now. Wtf?

And the housed normas involved around this area are just as odd. Wtf is up with people from India especially the men?  And they are so incredibly hateful and snobby but in this pathetic way that makes it obvious theyre insecure as hell. Wtf did imperialism DO to these people??

I learned a long time ago living with Indians the males can be nice, spiritual or friendly to women or they can be savages as in the most sexist attitudes and violence but passive aggressive. Their insecurities seem dangerous.

They and alot of other kinds of peoples were so much cooler decades ago when they werent brainwashed into this hateful People Of Color racist PC system.

The women are also a high concentration of gang stalker. Blacks of course seem to take this entire system as them being at war to take over the world and every TI is somehow the enemy.

Um..when did this stop being about MK Ultra?

Its the entire country being under mass mind control is the problem. I often forget thats whats wrong with US citizens today especially in areas like Boston.

Its just too hard to face as a reality on a daily basis. Its so awful. And it was livable for years but lately. Its not.

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AJH said...

About "Um..when did this stop being about MK Ultra?". "This", (the gangstalked, orchestrated and abusive hell TI's live in) included MK Ultra as a "warm up" to get the selected children ready for the overtly imposed nightmare when they became adults IMHO. Not meaning to be contrary, it is just that I think there is a much bigger picture that has gone on for a longer time.