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Friday, January 22, 2016


Not to mention the nationwide gang stalking problem by every single employee thats visible at these gyms.

Theres other stuff-like the Lunk Alarm mentioned.

If you look at your eyes in the ladies room mirrors you take on the hypnotic persona of a reptilian alien. Notice it next time you go.

Also whats up with EVERY SINGLE female relishing herself in the mirror obsessively before a workout? Front, backside, hairdo-wtf?

And I realized a while ago why Im hated at PF. Its not just becuz Im a Target.

Its becuz with my drive, genetics and athleticism I WOULD BE A LUNKHEAD...if I wasnt targeted.  If I was allowed to have a place to live and work out and have a job.

I would be every single one of the people they make fun of in those ads on the stupid brainwash screens in the locker rooms and beyond.

Its worth it for $20 month. But for all the gs they perform they definitely deserve to be picked on.

You dont even want to know what Ive seen in the 24 hour one downtown. With their totally racist hiring practices and only hiring youngsters.

A young black kid actually was hiding in the utility closet in the ladies locker room late one night.  I heard him in there and saw him for a second.

Why complain? The place is right in the thicke of prostitution and drug dealing downtown. Im sure its wrapped up tight.  And besides...its predictable behavior. Hmph.

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