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Friday, January 22, 2016

Wow. ACLU Can Go About Questioning Boston's FBI In Relation To Bombings Yet My Simple Intake Form Has Them STUMPED!

Seems the legal apparatus over at ACLU is pretty capable. So why are they "unsure of how to proceed" concerning my simple case?

Also the dullard response on the message of "we dont know how we can help you" is also unexpectedly retarded considering on my green intake form I SPECIFIED AS TO WHAT I NEEDED THE ACLU TO HELP ME WITH.

The woman in the message also refers to my intake information as "your letter".

My letter? Yes I am a crazy bitch who wastes time writing fucking letters to the ACLU. ITS YOUR INTAKE FORM! YOU GAVE IT TO ME TO FILL OUT! Wtf?

So we can assume by the douchebaggery Ive received in the voice message from my local infiltrated comprimised ACLU that they obviously know exactly what goes on in this city.

I knew everything in Bostons reach was comprimised so this comes as no surprise. You cant run a city like this one with this much at risk and hidden corruption with out making sure all dogs are leashed, heeled and that any rebels against you in reality-work with you.

Its the way to run a kingdom. And Boston is nothing short of that.

They had no problem helping this man named Omar who works at a dive pizza joint in Central Square when he claimed the FBI had people tailing him here and in NYC and then invited him out to dinner to coerce him into working for them.
Hes got paperwork for miles documenting all of it.

But my simple case is just too much for them.

I suppose theres an ACLU in DC with actual grown ups who mean business working there not uppity locals who are tied into the self righteous corrupt Boston scene.

You can't even get a straight health inspector here. When I call the BOH on Omars restaurant becuz hes got MERSA and his co worker was a total bitch to me when someone bought me a pizza there I already know I need to call the state or fed. Boston and Cambridge are worthless (paid off indefinitely).

Hmmm. Maybe Omar finally succumbed to FBI pressure to work for them or just maybe-they knew more thab they told and theres more to Boston and Cambridge than meets the eye and they were going after the right person after all.

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