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Friday, January 15, 2016

Harvard Square Homeless Shelter Staff Make A .'Mistake' And Put My Weapons Into A Dirty Sharps Container/Tasty Plantation Burger Joint/Best Live Outside The Castle Walls You BLOODY PEASANTS! (The NWO Fuedal System)

When a guest comes in at night the guard takes any sharp objects and then staff puts them in a drawer in their room with tape marked on it with client's name.

I was guarenteed last night by guard that they do this efficiently.

A volunteer couldnt find my knives among many which still remain in this drawer.

Elizabeth the staff member who put them in there pulled out the sharps container saying they were in there instead.

Now since theres a protocol for how to store sharp objects (scissors, knives, etc) this then wasn't followed. Also why did she not see plainly alot of marked knives and scissors in envelopes and reason that's where my knives shouls go instead of in a biohazard sharps container that has no needles or knives in it? (It had some things at the bottom but I couldnt see what they were. Head staff is looking now.)

The container has tape on the lid clearly spelling out what it's for AND that whatever is in THE CONTAINER CANT BE TAKEN OUT which is why the lid doesn't come off just a flap opens.

These are Harvard students who staff this place and the young woman who did it is one of them.

Harvard medical? School of govt? So they can't read or problem solve or reason or use logic?

Doubtful. This appears to have taken effort and doing the wrong thing took more effort than doing it properly.

What was more upsetting was the volunteer and Elizabeth had gloves on and wouldn't just turn the container upside down wanting to get an object to grasp the knives with fearing contamination to themselves but the issue of then giving the knives back to ME seemed unimportant.

Elizabeth also behaved in an inappropriate manner once the knives were removed.

Her faint apology was met with my starting I am going to contact the shelter head.
She responded by saying "Rachael you can step out now becuz Im losing my patients with you." Moving to the back of the elongated staff room she added "We are doing YOU a service".

Rhianna whos in charge tried to of course claim that the knife incident was a mistake and I told her that we dont know that and are assuming motives, but she agreed that what Elizabeth said is NOT appropriate.

I left the building and waited for my knives to be returned as cleaning them in bleach and water was their solution.

(Rhianna just informed me that there were a few enclosed syringe needle heads and a few pieces of plastic where it wasnt clear what was in them).

The extraction of my knives by Elizabeth and volunteer from bio hazard sharps container.
File cabinet in backround contained sharps container and has ocean of unclaimed or two week bed guest's sharp objects mostly knives. With some files at back of drawer. 

My Husky. Big strong long lasting. Finland release mechanism. TX Home Depot: $10 sale! (Luv yer respect for weapons, value and the common  man Texas!)

My beautiful little Winchester. Metal and wood. TX of course. Everything from cleaning tobacco pipe to small jobs.

As a Traveler these knives are important tools of survival. They serve to protect, prepare food, cut cardboard or branches. Clothing etc. 
As a female I depend on a sense of security knowing my self defense is in working order and that the local community is aware that I can provide and defend myself.

These are not toys. These are serious implements of daily survival even in an urban environment.

I grew up in a foster home in a semi rural area near Lake Cochituate, Massachusetts from the age of 1-6yrs old. My foster parents were grand parent age and had 10 children. My foster father was from Native-Anglo hillbilly stock in the mountains of MA.

He kept hunting rifles upright in a wooden stand behind his big dad's chair. I was taught that weapons are for a purpose-to hunt and hopefully never, but possibly home defense. I was punished if I tried to sneak behind his chair and touch the rifles.
I observed their cleaning and care and saw the results of their responsible use like meat and animals skins.

Weapons should NEVER be toyed with or disrespected. This is one of the worst affronts to someone who depends on them for survival.

Heres Elizabeth:
(Welcome to Front Street. Enjoy yer stay.)

And heres a black dude who likes to do gang stalking tactical gesturing whos gonna get a work bed becuz he just got a job at Tasty Burger.

(photo witheld to not violate shelter guest privacy).

I call it The Plantation. Its so creepy. Its a bunch of elite white kids pretty much reinventing the environment of their elite families for multiple past generations-a big house with rowdy blacks in the kitchen and doin da cleanin while they relax, play etc. Occasionally you see them in a group with one of their singular Tokens which they carry like the latest 'must have' accessories, not just for fashion but to appear noble to the latest social justice trend. Which of course is done to preserve their position in society.

We have a gay friend (whos elite), we have a black friend (whos also elite). We are JUST and NOBLE!

Funny...I recall truly interesting olde money forty years ago couldn't get enough of hanging out with alt types just as they always have. Artists, queens, ethnics..

Oh. This is calculated,boring social engineering for the boring calculating NWO. Its not interesting or born of free association or being interested in genuinely cool people from other cultures.

I guess thats why most except for two people who work in Tasty Plantation are as miserable, gang stalking, nasty and pathetic as the elite whites that eat there. (Sadly the thin white manager kid seems blissfully unaware 'the help' are up to no good behind massa's back, messin wit da escaped field slaves like me, and is perfectly nice.)

They deserve each other.
(This is the only place I have EVER experienced a bartender working so inebriated he couldn't function..oh wait. We used to have that at seedy clubs like The Naked Eye downtown in the Combat Zone.)

And isnt that what Harvard has become? A total shithole for rich people? Where theyve lowered the bar so much and fake Diversity ensures that just ANYONE can be included..
Except a vibrant bohemian street scene with any genuine dissidents of course.

We wouldn't want any hooligans in your outdoor mall.

Oh and in conclusion-Elizabeth does gesturing as if it puts a crown on her head-that matches the shit eating smirk on her face.

Also Rhiana does gesturing so frequently its out of control and last night I actually had to request she refrain from certain hand motions that were making me uncomfortable, due to on "..ongoing situation.." that I have -(being targeted but I didnt specify that).

The security guard is ok. Most other staff are eithet normal or do gesturing in a limited manner so as to be just about what you'd expect especially those who have known me for years.

The most overboard gesturing that is to the point of overkill are these two women and most of the guests. There seems to be a core of males who talk about drug dealing and 'the gang'. They create an uncomfortable jail type environment which resembles more the Salvation Army in Central Square Cambridge than our Harv Sq shelter.

But thats what Harvard has devolved into and thats what you get when you open up the shelter to a lottery instead of for the local population.

The place was created during a more innocent timw of homelessness and its too small for outsiders.

Its akin to the whacked out idea of destroying small countries in Europe with open borders and mass immigration of people who hate their host culture and only want to destroy it.

Once again this isnt Diversity-its destruction of anything too decent, good or special that others cant create for themselves becuz Equality requires that.

Only rhe elite can avoid the misery that comes from this process and of course thats its purpose. To once again ensure their position.

Ita a medieval fuedal system again! Better move out to the country side folk(s), if you dont need to be here for your job or school!

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