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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

GOP Establishment In Massachusetts Ensured Baker For Governor, Blocked Fisher

Yeah I was told that its Baker thats got a "focused plan" for MA so all thats happening around me that sucks is coming from higher ups.

I knew Baker was going to be difficult and I shouldn't have returned to MA.

Its a very bad habit Ive gotten into. A pattern of coming back to fight, always losing to MA and often almost ending up in jail or dead or very ill.

I must find a way of preventing myself from returning.

The one delusion I do admit to suffering from is that I can beat Massachusetts. That I can win and get justice for myself and my family. That I can take back what theyve taken from me all these years.

Thats never going to happen.

Me just writing down what happened is going to have to be enough. And I need to make myself understand that.

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