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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wal-Mart And Surveillance Of Employees And Activists

Keep in mind that as a Target I loathe Wal-Mart but as a poor person and Traveler Im doing myself a disservice by posting against the company.

I can depend on Wal-Mart to be in any given city in the USA. RVs and big rig trucks are allowed to camp overnight on their parking lots.
I basically have survived by shopping their every month when I get my meager moneys. I get things necessary to my survival cheaply and easily.

In areas where bad weather could kill a Traveler this company's employees have let myself and others stay overnight or in the walkway for hours during the day as tornado warnings are issued with heavy never endg rain in the midwest.

Ironically many of the companies that cause these problems end up assisting disadvantaged people. And my activism thats included being attacked by them and exposing them would not have been possible-without them.

I know damn well other countries would be much more harsh on dissidents and that America is just trying to compete globally.
Often its been customers in Wal-Mart not employees who are doing the harassment but it depends on the city or town, just as with marked and uniformed police. It varies.

Of course theres the issue of technologies which at Walmart its bad just as with McDonalds.

I dont know if corporate America can exist without gang stalking of TIs or being tied in with the military industrial complex.

Just becuz Americans care about exploitation doesnt mean a competing country would.

The point isnt to destroy these companies but simply to expose the link between MK Ultra and our post 9-11 world.

Protect America fine but create perfect consumers or torture dissidents or get presidents elected?  No.
After dealing with the masses as a Target I understand the elites disdain for them on a practical level. I only want justice for other oppressed Targets and for those who are worthy and seeking answers to find them.

The average American seems pretty content with their enslavement and anyone who isnt has left by now.

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mej313 said...

I would not advises trusting the Walmart in Orlando, the one not too far from the airport, can't remember exactly where but I stayed near the airport two years ago and was attacked by staff and "customers"--The Walmart was located in some shopping mall, so parking for the nite would probably be out of the question. There was a large Publix next to it, so BE WARE! Of that shop....!