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Saturday, January 23, 2016

At Boston Medical Center For Infected Tooth-Observation Of Harassment And Levels Of Electromagnetic Pollution

I went to BMC becuz I believed they had a dentist on call for issues such as this becuz of the BU dental clinic being out of BMC. There isn't any such thing but Im supposed to go to clinic tomorrow.

Being kept in the hallway becuz they dont have any rooms:

So of course I can deal with passerbys if anyone tries any gesturing. I have since moved to the side to avoid this.

As predicted an male of African descent wearing red was mopping and I knew what wud come next (becuz this is one of the oldest tactics used by cleaning and service people.)

They either mop your shoes with the mop carelessly or worse-your expensive pack which is your HOUSE you worked hard to get and keep which houses everything you own.

I told him to mop around me. I told him Id film it if he did it again. I told him gang stalking was for losers.
He backed off and lost the arrogance. So typical.

Here is my observation of the harassment as well as the effect of being in a protected environment from tech used to typically target TIs:

"While in BMC er I observed gesturing harassment from an Asian medical doc (resident I believe) who examined me for an infected tooth. He said I was to be examined by his attending but prob antibiotics were in order.

The er nurse, triage nurses did not engage in this behavior nor did security (who left upon my arrival at desk), front desk intake nor ambulance personel outside. Nor the woman doing registration in the er.

I took screen shots of my cell phone's calling reception (bars) as well as data reception and the list of available wifi networks.

I noted as in other ERs, hospitals and govt buildings that my mind was clear of INTERFACE specifically the constant ever present TRUMAN SHOW EFFECT which is responsible for much torment, pain, suffering and confusion when outside of Safe Spaces such as this hospital ER at BMC in Boston MA USA. When in these physical spaces which limit electromagnetic and microwave pollution/weaponry in the environment I can clearly judge the difference in my mental clarity as well as my ability to think, reason and make decisions.

Thus being targeted renders a person UNREASONABLE. One is not capable of rationale thought or even proper memory function.

I also notice that discovering new ways to use technology or capacities of gadgets are easily available when sitting in a protected environment such as this.

I also observe in myself an emotional stability or placidity. When outside within the metro Boston city limits I observe myself being constantly tossed about in states of fear (causing very damaging stress) anger and insecurity and feeling intimidated. Which also reflects the kinds of people who are within this environment as opposed to psych warfare being perpetrated in public spaces hidden from the public.

Its reflective of the culture also. Being surrounded by a can active culture of industriousness, problem solving healing and care and thus responsibility and order is beneficial as opposed to outside spaces."

8:06 pm:
And since this post the shenanigans and naughtiniess has ceased!
Imagine that.

This book came up when googling "mk ultra Boston City Hospital" (now Boston Medical Center).
8:29 pm
The attending was a pleasant female doc who finished my case quickly and Im on my way. After talking to mr. Nervous and aggressive the Asian resident (which I would rather not. Sigh.)

Hey..I got a sandwich and juice. I hope someone can fix my teeth. A dentist in Central Sq Cambridge messed up and its been worrisome. Having many teeth pulled is NOT helping my gs case. Nor my health.

A good dentist in this situation is one of THE HARDEST things to find.

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