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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Still Contracting Strange Infection From Surfaces In Specific Inner City Area- Wud Like To Notify CDC Any Suggestions?

Ive written before about this thing that seems to be in the main city areas. Specifically Somerville and Boston and parts of Cambridge even Quincy all in metro Boston MA area.

I went to the doctor and after an exam and tests the best she could assess was Pelvic Inflammitory Disease.
I had this once 20 years ago so I knew it might be this. I have a laparotomy scar from when I was 16 and PID was the only thing I ever experienced that sent shooting pain through that scar. (My gyn in RI in 87 didnt have laser priveledges and the genius did a laporotomy on a 16 year old virgin just for endometriosis. Dr Berstien. He was obese with a horrible tupay.
I dont blame my mother becuz obviously this asshole used to find vulnerable women to exploit.
(My mother was raised in that Irish Catholic way of the doctor is like the priest-dont question. Probably this was handed down from the Druidic days and has become perversed like all our ancient European pagan ways. Plus her male authority was oppressive and abusive with severe boundary issues so she couldnt tell the differnce.

When "Dr B" tried to have a conversation with me once about vaguely trying to deter me from beginning sexual acrivity at around 17 or so I knew the guy was a crackpot and totally inappropriate. He was rightly ignored.

The medical trend in the 80s was to market invasive surgery to poor women for recurring conditions.
Later I realized all I needed was progestin pills. One of the reasons I was probably getting recurring endo was becuz this moron had me on a high dose of estrogen-progestin which was supposed to be therapuetic use only.
Not only does hormones like this effect women the way steroids effect men but high levels of estrogen causes endo.

Wonder why I have a beef with the medical mafia? Also being MK Ultra many of these clowns know who we are and believe we are at their disposal to exploit and abuse as they see fit.
Fuck off btw.)

So the older female real doctor who wasnt full of shit like the residents Ive been getting at Beth Israel lately, gave me a shot of antibiotics and a script. That would treat a number of possible things that couldve caused the PID to begin with.
Becuz tests for a few vd's were negative.

Even though when I keep contracting this it either goes away some or isnt as severe as the PID became I AM STILL CATCHING SOMETHING THAT GETS UP INTO THE FEMALE ORGANS, CAUSES PAIN IN MY SCAR (to a lesser extent) and it hurts to flex the abdominal wall muscle. You have the urge to just let your stomach hang out.
It also causes INCONTINENT TYPE URGE TO URINATE ACCOMPANIED WITH PAIN AT URETHRA SITE but very unlike a Urinary Tract Infection.

This is being contracted through coming into contact with surfaces just as before I had posted about AND it is still getting into clothing and doesnt wash out even with detergent and bleach.

I have cold weather gear like boots and a zero bag etc waiting to be picked up but have to live in lowering temps in Boston area IN CLOTHES FROM GOODWILL and two pairs of $5 sweats from cheap store...and cheap sneakers becuz I refuse to have gear I worked hard to pay off get ruined by just ONE contact with whatever this horrible disease or bacteria is.

Ive contacted state health boards but they really want to hear from physicians.

The healthcare from Beth Isreal is faultering badly at Health Care Associates and anyone short of a long term established doc seems compelled to perform gang stalking haraasmwnt tactics..

Its very disheartening to see attending physicians of residents behave this way.

This might have something to do with Obamacare as I posted I sort of got a warning about health care in the US being corrupted by whats hidden in Obamacare.

I very much want to warn the CDC or alert people in RI and MA but everyone is purposely blocking me from even just basic survival needs and one doc I tried to explain this too wasnt listening.

I say its bio or chemical warfare on the homeless, poor, vulnerable. Thats how its effected me and thats my demographic.

To their credit I have a fair and sane specialist who I see AWAY from the Boston main hospital from BIDMC so there are some pros left still adhering to First Do No Harm.

The secretsries and residents and many teachers at BIDMC are out of control.

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