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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Perps Trying To Handle This Activist With Dumb Looks Of Indignation

Perps walking by and giving dismissive dumb looks. Havent seen that in a while but its common arrogance here in Cambridge and Boston.

Its as if to say 'WHY do you continue trying? We've already won.
We run things. We own the world and humanity'.

Oooh. EXCUSE MEEEE. War crimes are just sooooo inconvenient for you arent they.

And having someone get revenge for ruining their life, framing them and keeping them down.

Its all so...inCONVEEEEENIENT!!

Fuck off. That is my advice to you.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world of organized stalking. Defn: 1. organstalking stalking - a large mass of cowards coming after a lone target or survivor. 2/ A large collected mass of cult-brainwashed people who believe that sharing a delusion or false belief makes it true. 3. A large number of losers who believe they've "won". Spend large amounts of time believing this particular false belief (see defn: 2 above) 4. A large mass of people that believe something to be true simply because an "authority" states it to be true, and their "peers" believe it to be true, too. So therefore, by their "logic" the belief automatically becomes true.