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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

ACLU Might Actually Be Reasonable-My Intake May Not Have Been Clear To Get Help

Ok the ACLU is actually being cool. I was just distraught becuz of being stonewalled so many other times by people I was asking for help, medical professionals etc.

Its so hard when u become isolated and messed with everyday. You don't know who u can trust.

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Anonymous said...

Good. I hope they can help you with the deal with the false report to the FBI. That particular incident and the two agents riding around in a car messing with you seems suspicious to me. It just seems that if someone phoned in a threat to the FBI, you'd be taken in and questioned, but they didn't do that? They only trespassed you? HAHA. that is such a stupid procedure for such a highly-regarded agency. My first reaction would be trace the person who made the call, and then go question them first. Surely, tracing phone calls is not beyond the FBI's abilities? They'd rather send security out to harass you off the property first and never question the dim asshole who made the "tip". Idiots.