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Monday, January 4, 2016

GS Is Sexism At Its Most Deadly/Asian Perps Once Again Viscious, Sneaky Little.Bastards

I really hate to say this but Asian perps are really pissing me off.

They are viscious and sneaky and will do gang stalking harassment tactics then turn around and act oh so nice and normal to...it seems anyone who doesnt understand whats going on with the NWO.

African peoples who are in on gang stalkig seem always to be still a bit defensive or choosy about who they welcome into their sphere or whom they are comfortable with.

These two little scumbags in Starbucks in a local neighborhood just couldnt resist doing a side tap on their legs wjen i went under the table to plug in my phone.
Note about this Starbucks: theres alot of gay women working here and males that seem like genuine service oriented restaraunt workers so I have a more pleasant experience here than other SBs. I still get an occassional gesturing from one or two employees but thats it. And the African Americans working here arent creepy or evil or nasty.
These people are truly alternative culturals.
One male barista surprised me by having a manner about him with his work that is reminisent of the old Boston-NYC art of service industries which I see very rarely in the past 35 years. It died as the 80s progressed. The craftsmanship of the barkeep or restaurant worker.

Id do an art piece on him if I could. Its interesting to see that with the NWO craftsmanship disappeared as corporations became our keepers and logos our new gods.

I dream about the perfect way he wears his apron and sleeves, how artfully he wipes down a table.)

It sickened me when some white lady shows up and they start talking about tjeir research and getting grants and going to Ontario etc.

Alot of people going to MIT and Tufts or working after graduation come into this coffee shop- which means I get harassed but I have a bit of begrudging respect as well as some quiet support.

...Now they are fucking whining about not getting funded becuz their company was funded too many times and they were cheated and tjey shud have gotten this award becuz they were nimber one.

Once again scientists and others seeking govt funding are doing gang stalking.

I have to sleep outside and these spoilt little shits are whining about this crap...and being viscous in doing gs tactics.

Most whites that do this are either nercous, awkward, guilt ridden or weak. These bastards seem to take pleasure in it but also it smacks of sexism.

All of my harassment has alot of sexism involved. My campaign is definitely sexist in nature. Thats the trouble of being in Boston area is bunch of young heartless kids who are ambitious who are smart and want to get funded and are cut throat about it.

And the way they talk about our govt. People are "bureuacrats" becuz they cant get funded when they want it.

Then go the fuck back where you came from and starve to death. And get your organs harvested.

Thats exactly the nasty phrase I use on many Chinese perps.

Letting people into this country who are ethnocentric as well as have horrible human rights policies in their homelands is not a great idea without using caution and being realistic.

The Asians already know how to use masks when dealing with the public but the third world People Of Color from other countries learn very quickly or they dont interact with Americans that deeply to begin with.

To be fair most males who are of their education level and position that partake in gang stalking are little shit bastard sexists who gang up on vulnerable females like these punks.

In a city where women have a standard of equality even overpowering males this cultural fantasy is especially prized. The Masons are a pain in the ass here. The firemen. The cops. The MBTA employees (any woman working for the T looks masculinized anyway).
The mob guys of course but laughibly-to a lesser extent than those in official capacity aforementioned.

The professionals like these guys are the most sneaky and fucking annoying. The acedemics the same but at least theres some understanding of what Im doing. Peiple like these two clowns graduate from the same places anyway.

Grant money has been one of the number one ways to get payoff from partaking in covert warfare. Believe me when I tell you scientists and the like are probably more dangerous than other kinds of people becuz they are smart and often lack connection to human emotions or are in touch with common people the way other varieties of perps are. A scientist can be a dangerously ambitious businessman like anyone else.

They just piss me off more becuz they know better and they think they are smarter than me just becuz they had the benefit of education.

I hate to say this but my grandfather warned me about this from being in the Marines during WWII in Japan and Phillipines (he also did Germany and later Korea).

I didnt want to listen becuz it was racist. It seemed so out of date in the early 90s or late 80s where we were working towards a truly global world-not whatever facsist nightmare of cult mind control that its been turned into now by those that hijacked our lofty ideal of a world that included every kind of person.

(Just found out the little shits are from out of town. Affiliated with Tufts.)

Interestingly when a tall, handsome older white male with a Brit accent sat down with these two Asian kids and a Libtard white female THEY GOT VERY NERVOUS. THEY BECAME WELL BEHAVED. THEY WERE NO LONGER AROGGANT.

This tells me its true: strong white males are our only defense against this break down of society. These are the only people that the NWO POC still respect and fear.

No wonder they've had to destroy all middle and lower class culture and especially males with black ghetto culture.

Its sad to have to accept that other women...and specifically other WHITE women are our enemies. That they are the keys that the destroyers use to gain access.

This older Liberal feminist didnt even see that these two Asian kids dont truly respect her other than the ever present fear in the back of their minds of the white male standing behind her.

Thats the problem with feminists and all the whining cop hating Lib elitists around here and places like this: its white males that protect women-all the time. Every day. Its hidden in the backround and becuz people are safe and comfortable they forget why that is so.)

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  1. That's part of it: the NWO fears strong males with morals and convictions who respect women. It didn't occur to me that this could the reason they keep attacking me (for 10+ years now) with all kinds of psyops with "strong" or "superior" females presented in a way threatening to me. (Trying to make male targets feel weak or inferior compared to women. They do it all the time to me.) But it's always traits they have they are hooked into my psych. profile, so it's very directed psyops.

    It's a tactic to emasculate male targets and to make them feel inferior, so they start to become jealous of all women in general. Then the male target appears to be a misogynistic jerk, and he becomes discredited. (The NWO people do not respect women either, and they want to break strong males down into their mirror image that they can discredit.) Come to think of it, does the NWO respect anybody?? They only seem to "use" people, not respect them. Rich Elite cowards that hide only care about themselves and their co-horts. They only use and never respect. I'm sure they are misogynistic jerks as well.

    It's a lot like the mind game where they get you to think all of the population is in on gangstalking. I think more likely, there are just a lot of little shits out, probably they sent them out on gangstalking jobs wherever you are and at the time frames you are out and about in public. The non-perps are simply home or somewhere else (like working a REAL job instead of gangstalking), so you only see the perps. It's part of HUMINT and psyops.

    They WILL attack male targets with females doing all kinds of stuff to get them aggravated. And when they resist the females doing psyops, the perps will then direct their psyops to suggest the male target is "gay" (because he doesn't like "beautiful women", i.e., female psyops or perps.)

    They don't respect women, so why should male targets fall for their crap? They don't respect the Earth, either. How many times have you cleaned up after gangstalking perps leaving trash everywhere? They care about themselves, not the Earth, not targets, not women. That, and not getting caught. It's a matter of time until the cowards do get caught, but if you're a TI, you're better off trying to catch them with their anger provoking skits and staying calm. That way, it's that much harder for them to discredit you.