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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Black Mass Movie Dissed By Those Close To Bulger-Depp Finally Gets His Payoff For Years Of Service

Depp is an active media psy ops perp. So what that means is he does psy warfare through avenues of media which are tailored and designed to reach and effect specific Targeted Individuals.

He hangs out with Church Of Satan types. Marylin Manson etc. Ive read of other Satanists speaking of the COS penchant for playing alot of games with people in the US. Like its part of their M.O.

Its hard to say if this role that supposedly ended his losing streak at the box office is what he finally earned for his covert service or if he is continuing his service to the system by being in the movie.

Many people who were actually involved with Bulger dont like the movie referring to it as a fictional account.

Of course it has to be. To hurt everyone the covert warfare system wants to hurt and disappoint and invalifate but also to cover for what actually happened.
Its most likely a disinformation piece. Like all those Jonestown movies. The closing of an era in the northeast's history. No one who was involved or still is wants the public to understand jow such things work. Locals around here know but many of the new residents and transplants are clueless and like it that way.

I wont go see the movie just as no TI whos targeted on the level of a mind control project Survivor should watch any new movies-its best to wait a year or two for any media psy ops laid into the movie to become obsolete. This is a method of NEUTRALIZING MEDIA PSY OPS DESIGNED TO EFFECT A CERTAIN TARGETED INDIVIDUAL.

By the time the TI views the triggers or other material meant to effect them their situations and mindset will have changed.
Other Survivors like Cathy O'brien have suggested this also.

Depp himself may be a programmed servant of the entertainment industry.
Imagine being leaned on as we TIs are AND being famous. It must be more pressure than just being targeted. The Gang Stalking system treats you like yiure famous anyways at least among the people who do the harassment.

The public have to be handed bullsh#t at all times for the system in place to function.

Organized crime is no better or and no worse than the banksters and elite at the higher levels of the drug trade who also partake in war for profit.

Take a look at the carnage caused by companies like Raytheon and compare whos worse-the era of Irish-Italian-Jewish organized crime perpetrated by immigrant settlers from American ethnic ghettos or the military industrial complex, greedy governments and the intelligence aparatus that serves both.

One of the reasons I theorize is that its now a new era org crime. More international and new players like the black gangs created by the shadow system with the help of COINTELPRO and many South American immigrants now. Russian mob are now present since the countries fall and this just scratches the surface.

Org crime had to go more global with more 'Diversity' laughably, in order to function in a modern era.

The old guard has to be misrepresented as well as make it look like theyve been disassembled. Even though many involved simply went legit and covered their family's involvement.

Ive always been curious as to how much the military industrial complex has org crime people and money. If thats how you made your money early on then why not continue to make legit money off of death, deception, dirty deals etc?

Think of the movie as part of protecting national interests LOL.

I learned to ignore the puppet players in these 'films' years ago.

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