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Monday, January 25, 2016

Read Part 1: Police Corruption: Drug gangs, steroids and fighting gyms. Who really had a motive to kill the Waltham 3? by B Blake

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Anonymous said...

This is interesting:

To be absolutely clear:
No one was surveilling the Tsarnaevs and they were not identified until after the shootout. Any claims to the contrary are false.


Ah, but they didn't catch this self-contradicting statement:

"No one was surveilling the Tsarnaevs and they were not identified until after the shootout."

And how would they know that "no one was surveilling" them? Note they didn't say "the FBI was not surveilling them". The way they worded their statement, they are claiming that there were no parties, including the FBI or other entities, surveilling them. And if they knew for sure that no one was conducting surveillance ops, they'd had to have had surveillance on them in the first place to see that no other party except the FBI had surveillance on them. So the logical outcome is that the FBI had surveillance, not anyone else, and they are admitting they are lying.

Sounds like more blatant denial. Like they've been doing for years. Sounds so much like what the lady told you when you phoned the FBI office: "no one is stalking you". And she knows this how?