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Friday, January 29, 2016

Another Important Note: Antibiotics Improve Ability To Be Unaffected By Gang Stalking Activity/They Make Target and Survivors Sick On Purpose-MK Ultra Creates Sickly People To Begin With

Im on yet another course this time for a dental issuI

I am targeted due to being a second generation MK Ultra experimentee. My mother is a documented 1950s radiation experimentee both parents US Marines.

MK Ultra included radiation experiments (military) and druggings (CIA) (they both claim each experimentee groups were seperate in MK Ultra documents and investigations but theres testimonies saying there were cross overs).

I now believe that due to exposure to radiation as well as perhaps genetics they have knowledge of and also druggings to weaken our constitutions as the aforementioned would weaken a human immune system-all that has been done to our DNA as well as us physically as individual experimentee/Targets has made us sickly people basically.

Also those of us who are chipped may be having some health effects from that or they can produce them through these means.

Being hit by microwave weapons and electromagnetic technologies of various kinds will also weaken a human being and destroy the body over time.  Last time I had an MRI a year or so ago I felt pain and suffering physically from being inside the machine. I felt effects on my heart.
Being radiated from the west coast as well as being hit over time with technologies or exposed via being targeted has definitely done damage.  The fact that I am so sensitive to Fukushima fallout to begin with says something significant.
A woman from the Dept Of Energy when my mother was preparing to go into the class action lawsuit supposedly told my mother the damage from the radiation is inter-generational due to passing it on or was it that I was an egg in my mothers womb and she was not protected during the radiation treatments.

Also I've been exposed to multiple molds in an apartment which I sued for. I  believe this was on purpose  due to the circumstances and timing as well as I WAS KEPT IN THE APARTMENT WITH HARASSMENT and coercion as well as technologies (there was something going on with the NEXTEL cell repeaters one floor up from mine on the roof. Just following the wires down to the basement was creepy. Those tubes of wires were huge.)

Ive also  been drugged repeatedly with psychodelics and something like neuro inhibitors-that make you  a drooling idiot who can only remember your first name.  Theres also the issue of what was being put in my sedatives in early 2000s from Walgreens in Brookline. I was fortunate enough to have a doctor in California give me a new bottle, tell me to ditch the old one-after being told they never ever have that medicine available.
Over time as a TI you will gain support when people realize you are not someone who deserves this as well as you can fight this system. Becuz if you DONT they WILL destroy you.
And Ive also been drugged with something from an Illinous Walgreens where the pharmacist signaled me not to take it, which was just so nice! Humanity does have some redeeming members left.  But I took one anyway and it turns out it had mind controlling 'suggestions' or it somehow made the tech being used
I couldnt stop hearing v2k that I should conform and feeling compelled to do so from the core of my physical being. They were obsessed for years during Bush with ways to BREAK THE HUMAN WILLPOWER which of course includes  the strength of the core of your being-not just your mind.

So....all these druggings, being radiated, Fukushima and other nuclear facility either fallout or pollution areas, being exposed to mold, the pre existing state of my health due to surgeries and my DNA being effected  by my mother being exposed to radiation possibly-and add to that someone whos been being heavily stressed and sleep deprived for years- leads to someone who is mentally and physically weakened.

Ive also had liver disease since 1995 and I read that the powers that be know damn well that mold exposure exacerbates that condition.

So these conditions all lead to some one who is weakened. The break down of society at large through the NWO and its methods as well as my home bases being either always in flux or under threat or destroyed all together-as well as lack of touch, being hated not loved, lack of sexual contact etc-makes someone who is basically hanging by a thread and working off of the most primitive level of survival strength- EVERY SINGLE DAY almost.

That leaves you not only very seperated from the rest of normal society just by the way you have to live but it also makes the way your body and DNA functions different from the rest of a modern society like America.

This is one part of why antibiotics seem to help in creating a shield against what they try to do to a Target to destroy you. Especially now with radiation across the north American continent putting our immune systems under stress. I definitely feel the difference between today and pre 2011.

The second part of this is one of THE COVER STORIES FOR MK ULTRA by Dr Cameron was that he was devoloping a system of CURING SCHIZOPHRENICS. Of course he knows that in relation to the programs and projects that create mind controlled slaves there is no such thing as schizophrenia. Relative to MK Ultra, schizophrenia has no existence.

The world of programmed people and ritual abuse victims even functioning spies or agents or other people who are...controlled to an extent for the security and safety of the entity known as that govt as well as the public-is a closed off area that has different rules and circumstances than the outside world or normal world for your average person. And one of psychiatry's methods for judging disorders etc is to make adjustments for cultural norms and other circumstances.

Thus if no one is told the true nature of a persons history, upbringing or cultural backround as say, a mind controlled slave or other divergent from the norm then schizophrenia is a perfect cover up for why the person behaves as they do or what is 'wrong' with them.

This is the main way in which psychiatry covers up for the abuses of programs and projects like this or even the circumstances in which people part of this culture have to live.

I am now convinced after many courses of antibiotics in the last year that these drugs make us stronger and more well physically and thus mentally and emotionally. We are more able to withstand the trauma of the daily spiritual and psychological abuse as well as possibly like in my case living in physically challenging circumstances especially at an advancing age.  
Whatever they have done to me over these years and even prior to my being targeted 24/7 has created a situation where I can be made mentally unable to cope with what is being done to me and am unable to be healthy enough to fight back effectively, stay in control or to think of ways out of the situation. Mental deficiency is a large part of this.

I notice that the antibiotics make me more steady and able to focus on solutions. I am more sturdy.  I do not react as much nor am I inside my own head as much running the situation over and over.

This may be the main reason why they hate people like myself so much as well as want to destroy us completely. Due to whats been done to make us what we are, we have been rendered so sick, so weak and so unable to survive that putting us to death or making us permanently defective and insane is a favorable option to them. They keep us sick and make us sicker and weaker.

Of course this is done on puropose becuz our testimonies and memories are what they fear most.

So in order to 'treat schizophrenics' you have to create them and of course thats not even whats wrong with them to begin with but its a nice cover story to tell an ignorant, uninituated public.

Two weeks ago or so a young black male perp intimated that one of the greatest reasons for gang stalking campaigns is to "not alarm the public" about all thats going on with us and all thats now connected to or rooted in MK Ultra. Like mass mind control etc.

The perps who are not just scumbags wanting to get out of trouble for kiddie porn or get reduced sentences are on the side of defending the nation and national security.

Yet Survivors have little recourse so what are we supposed to do? They genuinely want people like me to sacrifice our lives they've taken from us for the common good of the nation. That is the main conflict with this system.

And my stints with antibiotics let me know that definitely part of the efforts to destroy us as well as to discredit us or validate campaigns against us is to destroy and degrade our health and sanity.

For example I am so well right now that I am able to observe this and the last post. To formulate this  as an observation and solution.
Im also able to consider leaving the USA or claiming refugee status somewhere else instead of spending my remaining  years having the USA suck me dry like a human sacrifice for the nation.  I would usually be too weak or effected to act on such things or even think of these solutions or execute them..or even remember a few hours later.

This shows that they take advantage of the lack of wellness of mind control victims and they make such circumstances worse with a campaign if they can. And then they take full advantage of that as well as utilize these conditions to discredit us with labels even if they are unofficial.

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