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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, January 21, 2016

ACLU Boston Is Stonewalling Me (Just As Expected)

After 18 days someone called me back claiming to have spoken to legal consultants.

The message said that the ACLU wasnt sure what they could do for me. That they didnt know how to proceed.

I am not stupid enough to go to the ACLU for anything involved with the activism I do such as daily harassment becuz TIs have shared their experiences and this organization doesn't touch Targeted Individual, organized stalking or anything related issues.

That's why I simply approached this from wanting legal assistance for the incident that occurred with Harvard and Cambridge police and the false tip of domestic terrorism as well as wanting to see how this now effects my travel as a US citizen also to get help removing the Harvard property tresspass mostly for practical reasons such as the dental school etc.

These people are a high profile organization and with experience and education and THEY arent sure how to proceed??

I dont have any money or formal education but I have some sensible ideas. Like what I just mentioned above.

This is the typical drop the ball or going limp type tactics used in a Target's life.

My psychiatrist Dr Emmerich at MGH where they abused me so horribly used to do the same things. I would ask if I had PTSD and she'd say that we can never know or be sure.

Shed basically never really engage with problems that other patients got help with. Well off people I met would tell me this isnt normal and she wasnt doing her job and to report her.

I should have becuz she kept intimating that the system was threatening her family and after I left for AZ and asked for a referal letter to another doctor she sent me something horriblle that basically said I had PTSD, unrealistic ideations and some other factors that put together equal someone whos a potential lone nutter.
(I also think they had her on insurance fraud as I noticed that my health insurance was getting billed not just to her but from her husband which I never saw as a health care professional or in any other capacity.  This was a trend at the time and many providers got in trouble some years later.

My mother used to do the same thing perhaps as a scam. She would file lawsuits that werent right and claim that if everyone else is also abusing the legal system at the same time, no one will notice, which I always thought was cowardly and disgusting. Yet another insight into the mind of the kind of person who will bend very quickly and turn gang stalking perp.
Cowardly, disgusting and greedy sounds about right.)

A year or so later I went into a local hospital from the same overwork and stress. The doctor simply wrote officially that these occassional episodes that end in my needing a 'rest' for a week were akin to a CEO who gets exhausted and severely overworked-its acute not chronic.
He also made mention that  due to Dr Emmerich's actions this is why I need to go with somebody (a doc) thats "good"  wnd not comprimised I assume he meant.

Dr Emmerich may have been doing me a favor that anyone else would not have-that letter may have been just for me and not in official records. So she could tell me what the system was trying to frame me up as-how they were going to come at me. One of their little self fulfilling prophecies.

It doesn't matter what she did becuz I now have something official that says I work to damn hard and am a work aholic even if its just my survival along with my activism and not a job.

Blacklisted whistle blowers usually dont get to work anymore.

That's what you have to do in this game. Find the occassional decent professional who still behaves as such or have allies. Traveling and what seems like meaningless networking is actually very important.

They are hoping this will deter me becuz over the past few years they've gotten me very isolated and want to make me feel as if I have no way out or no help.

Boston has a cycle with this behavior its like the ocean that's so much a part of this city. The support I get tides in and out changing according to whos in office or whats going on politically, socially or economically.

I dont have time for Boston to yet again put itself first Ive waited years and fought, ran and worked hard enough.

By all logic work this hard has to pay off sometime. One of the benefits Ive gained in being so dedicated and traveling so hard is to learn how this system works more effectively than Targets who just sit in their homes and get fried to death.

You know....years ago during early Bush era after they had me almost out of my place in Brighton MA an obnoxious woman in social services posed the idea to me that people who are mentally ill with a label can get housing very easily.  Can you imagine victimizing someone so horribly and then coercing them into falsifying a health status of mental illness or disorders by purposefully pushing them out of food and shelter-basic human needs?

Going to any organization in Boston one must already understand its probably pointless as its either infiltrated or loyal to the Commonwealth or private interests therein.

Kinda like the FBI with Whitey.

There are other ACLUs and other legal representatives.

This is why I purposely went to them not for matters of being targeted but as a citizen whos had questionable treatment by police where the police themselves agreed harassment as an activist may be the cause.

Its a quite simple situation. An uneducated poor middle aged female can comprehend it.

Whats the ACLUs problem?

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