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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Only Effective When Ovulating/Targets Are Political And Metaphysical Blood Sacrifices

Its sad that only when i am ovulating in recent years can i think clearly, remember or even fight being targeted with remote influence.

It has all been planned all along to be this way its obvious. Nowadays i am just so goody goody and helpful to everyone.

This system made sure it destroyed my sex drives even my genitals and took my youth so i wud b reduced to the old kindly aunt type ive become most of the time.

They made sure they heavily opppressed and crushed me during my 30s, the last of my youth so that i would become harmless in my 40s.

And this conspiracy involves my mother's family, the local communities of Cambridge and Boston all of MA actually as well as a good portion of the USA and obviously Homeland, intelligence services and the military.

People like me can tell the truth all we want, none of these people have to pay for destroying my life if no one will help me and everyone depends on the public either not believing me or going along with this to benefit the country.

Then they all play stupid and get someone like me murderously angry and feeling abandoned by my own country so someone like me becomes a terrorist.

Then they justify targeting and destroying terrorists THEY created by fucking people over.

If any country has hatred of the US I can guarantee its becuz covert forces influenced those people through covert activity and FORCED THEM TO TURN TO TERRORISM AS A LAST RESORT to defend themselves not only politically and culturally BUT SPIRITUALLY. And I guarantee you Israel and their trickery is part of that. They really are evil incarnate, the Jewish state and its power brokers. They are so smug about being clever, about no one seeing or daring to say anything.

I dont trust any nation that does not separate church and state, teaches Creationism (their version of course), denies things like race and DNA yet considers themselves to be an exclusionary 'tribe' to the rest of humanity-such a world power that holds influence over nations that DO claim to have a reasonable, functional system of government and law.

I am basically sick of dealing with all Middle Easterners and their warped minds as well as all three of their Abrahamic religions.

I wish Europe and America never had to deal with Israel, Jews, Christianity or Rome continuing its (our) bloody minded power through reinventing itself through the Catholic Church.

The world would be a better place if Man couldn't hide his greed and hate behind these monothestic, sexist religions.

Im sick of America playing the puppet in worldly affairs. America was probably just created so that these older powers and the old families could just continue their games for profit and power.

I am sick of all these assholes. I am sick of America. I hate MA so much for what its done I now consider it a safety precaution that I leave the country.

People are trying to weaken me so I wont leave. So i will become peaceful and harmless.

Daily i am targeted with remote influence that makes me have no more anger towards my enemies and only go towards peace.

Its total injustice. I am bombarded daily with ideations that no.one will.believe me, that no one cares, that not enough people will read my book. That my life is as it is now and i shud live in the present.

That my health is failing so I cant leave.

I dont want to live in America as a walking human sacrifice that people can continue to depend on. That people can feel good about becuz I supposedly cant get.justice or revenge.

That people dont have to fear. That no one has to pay for their crimes.

I wud rather leave the USA and die in the homeland of my ancestors, considering I don't approve of anything about the US anymore anyway.

The way my health is failing I firmly believe THIS SYSTEM IS TRYING TO KILL ME, TO FINISH ME OFF ONCE AND FOR ALL, NOT ONLY TO SILENCE ME AS A VICTIM WITNESS BUT AS A HUMAN SACRIFICE that ensures the United States stays in power.

I now realize I am a human sacrifice for the country. I saw this in a statue of a Native American outside in front of The Museum Of Fine Arts in Boston a year or so ago. I finally got it-the Natives WERE A MASS HUMAN SACRIFICE TO ENSURE THE UNITED STATES AS A COUNTRY BECAME POWERFUL FROM ITS INCEPTION AND CREATION.

In order to keep this power present and effective the US must have regular 'fixes' of power via blood sacrifice.

THIS MIGHT BE THE ONLY REASON TIs ARE TORTURED TO DEATH over time.  I know TIs exist world wide but it seems very connected to the Masonic roots of this country perhaps all of them.

Looking at statues of Natives around here, they always seem so..ethereal. Looking up skyward, outreaching arms etc. They are never grounded-they are always portrayed as if a Christ-offering up to something bigger than themselves.

Note how TIs are not allowed personal lives but must play hero to humanity.


The USA is NOT the homeland of its current inhabitants. Thus the false structure they've built must always be continually strengthened-by blood sacrifice.

I know from my own experience that Masonic structures exist in the US due to these being used to harness and guide the physical energies of the land. Specifically places like Boston, NYC, Buffalo NY, St Lois MO etc etc.

Notice when Natives are present, ones that arent as Americanized as others, there seems to be a stronger connection with the land. Its as if by DNA they are diplomats.of the land-that their ancestors had been living on for millennia.

I am rarely without the companionship of someone who looks European in descent yet possesses Native DNA. Ive realized its the only way I can survive living on US soil without going insane...or at least being comforted.

Becuz i no longer exist in the false environment created (the USA) on American soil I most likely am aware and sense the metaphysical reality- and the debt that perpetuates consistently as long as the United States exists.

Its like being a citizen of a place where u r live underwater but can only remain calm and have oxygen to breathe as long as u are brainwashed to believe in this false.reality.

You wake up-you drown.

And Ive certainly drowned on way too much information about the reality of what makes up our world...and specifically the United States.

I shake physically to what seems like my core when I think of  it..or my  mind  does, but then my internal stops kick in and I am calmed.

As i write this i am being tormented with the ideation that all I just wrote are excuses and that i suffer purely due  to not dealing with admitting the truth about everything else involved. Yet this trying once again to get me to freely reveal information over the internet and go to the feds about local career criminals is JUST PART OF MK ULTRA AS ALL ALONG THIS HAA BEEN PARTLY ALSO ABOUT USING MK ULTRA PROGRAMS TO GET PROGRAMMED PEOPLE (referred to and aka in MK records as 'agents') TO CONFESS INFORMATION.

Its also probably about ensuring that US citizens are genuinely loyal citizens-if I confess information then I will have done the right thing as a citizen and for my country (of course denying  ME any personal financial gain via a book to sell).

So I either give in to going through the final phase of joining the cult of the new America (NWO's America) or I can just serve as a human sacrifice for the man made structure, probably Masonic in nature, known as THE United States Of America.

And who guarantees that even if I do the 'right' thing that I still wont be drained and tormented until I am just another bloodied victim between the bricks of the Master Mason's 'Great Work'? Not me...I am getting out of this anyway I can. I never was one to hang around and be killed off. If u want the info so badly, i want to be paid off well, as I should have been in the beginning of all this. The US and its greedy, selfish horrid people arent going to get another minute of satisfaction out of my torment.


  1. My perception is that they want to destroy us with prolonged release of stress hormones, which over time will no doubt cause great harm. I know this is orchestrated. Hence, the great pains they take with psy-ops in order to get us angry and having us stay anger. It's like a man taking Viagra, how the erection stays up for hours, and you can't do anything about it. The psy-ops are designed to do that, except with our anger levels.

    I know they try so hard. If I even think about looking for a decent career, they go off the deep with the aggressive psy-ops. I think they are pretty stupid, hateful, and childish. Part of the plan is this perp group I have here that were saying things back in 2006 that I am in denial about my fate, whatever. It's obvious they want me to be all scared of them, like it's a psychological tactic to instill fear and dread in me. Like they are killing me, woo, and I am in denial if I think I can outsmart them and actually live.

    I feel that a lot of targets go on for years with the system firmly attached to their asses, like the gag in the old cartoons where there is a bulldog that is attached to the victim's ass when he is standing up. Some of them seem to manage. It takes a good mind and patience in order to manage and get through it. Some manage to keep it together. It isn't as easy as it looks, and we put up with way too much horsecrap for too many years. They think they are entitled to do this. Also they are living in their falsely created reality. Yeah, I'm supposed to be in dreaded fear of "them" killing me off. Yeah right! If only it were possible to beat these punks with a clue stick, and have them see how lowly they are. They are not superior, and I am not "after" them.

    I have perps around here that suffer from this syndrome:


    See 4) False Victimization Syndrome.

    LOL, isn't that exactly what TI's go through? And it explains our perps and their denial. They have to make it look like we are causing problems for THEM and not the other way around, so they can justify their obsession with us.

  2. One thing that keeps coming to mind is that somewhere at sometime we as targets were perceived as a threat to someone. Posibly we tapped into our talents and had potential to be better than another in our achievements, and morale. We may have gained interest of someone they were interested in (jealousy). We may have something that they can't buy, or acomplish (art, creativeness, imagination), so they must destroy the competition. The old question of "why does he get to have that, and I don't" "He doesnt deserve that, I do". The groupstalker asks themselves , "why does that person have a heart of empathy, why am i a cold hearted, cruel person?". To be fair, square, and even, the groupstalker says "I must be equal or better than her, hammer the achiever down to my level". Look at yourself, how many of the people that stalk you have youtubes with as many views as yours without any nationwide advertising, or anyone to help get people to your site, sure you were being stalked before the videos, but the potential most likely was always with you.