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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the most annoying part about this is that therapists in some portion or percentage obviously know that flooding and scrambling are part of a programmed person's internal programming system. I myself experience these with therapist and with my psychiatrist.

why was this never addressed. I could never figure out why I had so many bad therapists, who seemed to not be doing their jobs or were unable to help me.

of course it's always pretend patient what we're being difficult we are made to feel is if we are bad people.

as if it's our fault. strangely however these same therapists never there to call their patience crazy or suggest there is any mental illness that is severe, even though it's obvious that such patients are not responding to therapy like normal individuals would.

Interestingly Who worst discrediting diagnoses Are reserved for when the patient breaks programming and starts we recalling memories Asking questions And showing the desire to go to a hypnotist.

At that point such patients get hit with every single diagnosis that's negative you can think of.

in my case it was attempted to make me look like I was going to become a lone shooter, which of course last of we would only have happened due to the long term effects of psy ops- what is known to lay people as 'gang stalking'.

course I was especially a threat because not only do I possess high level programming I also remember lot of things in detail but most of all the connections to MK ULTRA projects, do to my mother being a documented radiation experimentee  from the 1950s, through her parents both u s Marines.

I also was living proof that a lot of programs people who do dirty work for intelligence services obviously

are hidden away in the sex industry. Something else I knew too much about for their comfort.

I'm glad get another therapist has the balls to actually help people inatead of fall prey to greed or fear.

interestingly and also sadly any of these therapist happy to have their license pulled, stopped dealing with the subject matter all together or the old classic died of cancer.

note that this was written in 1991.

you can scream and cry False Memory Syndrome all you fucking want... about those of us that we covered memories without a therapists help, and actually were denied any kind of recognition or assistance in recovering memories?

all they can continue to do is try to discredit deny and ignore.

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