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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Wisconsin 'Lone Shooter' Was Atypical White Supremacist and Military Vetran-And Another Useful Pawn

When are people going to get the clue that these lone shooters firstly usually dont work alone nor are they alone responsible for their actions due to not being LEFT alone for a day as powers that be use psychological operations aka 'gang stalking' to break them down then turn them into right wing obsessed hateful freaks.

These people are put through behavior modification programs that destroy who they are until they become mere puppets. Obama uses the term soul searching? To deal with a practical problem? Well its this charade of The Magical Negro that got him elected. Im not trying to be racist or mean but its a common character used in media to sell things and its deeply embedded in American culture.  Blacks being still kept down in darkness by the system can still delivery mystery and magic to the public. Its used by media all the time.

Obama has a lot of audacity using the term 'soul' considering the behavior modification program used to create and pressure lone shooters to act literally rips apart the human soul, and does so methodically and what seems mechanically. Being ripped apart by a wild animal might be comparble but without any contact from another animal (we being human animals) just what seems like a system, a machine. And you dont get to die, you get no peace after such torment. Is it any wonder these people act out in a way that they know will finally bring them to death-peace?


As  Americans  we should know by now the nature of the military and intelligence services is to get results at any cost by ruthless means.

Note the reigniting (?) of gun control controversy. Taking our right to bear arms away. Or to cause more security contracts and policing to be necessary. Obvious isnt it?

And for a Sekh to call crminals "mentally ill" is pretty ridiculous. Their or any religious practices or culture could be deemed delusional...and criminal geniuses run most countries. I know the mob runs a good portion of the northeastern USA. And all 'gentleman criminals' need muscle and violent men to get their plans pushed through-which is exactly the purpose all lone shooters in America serve.

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