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Thursday, September 6, 2012

NYPD Has OFFICES OVERSEAS And Has Just Opened A Branch In Israel

One of the most corrupt, mob connected, murdering, thieving police depts in the country now have power overseas. And this latest slap in the face of obvious connections to Israel is no surprise.

When are people going to wake up the reality of the Russian mob and its connections to Jewish Mafia?? This is getting way to dangerous. And whats worse is its becoming more and more obvious that thinking Israel is far too powerful and that Jews are elitists, racists and responsible for much of the world's problems right now is no longer blind hatred or paranoia.

I dont think it ever was. For Jews to get expelled as many times as they did from Europe they would have had to be doing something time and time again that was out of line to thier host country.

If we look at the connections to the elite we can see that Jews and Israel are very important. They are an ancient tribe and they have survived. They tend to be able to sneak in and out of history books due to thier ability to work through others, stay cloaked or pull of elaborate plots and schemes.

Lets look at this logically. Do you honestly want a country or a people who do NOT separate church and state having any kind of power over your life, your culture or your country? Also for those of us who are EuroAmericans and know the history of Abrahamic religions, true and real history not religious nonsense that people choose to believe against fact becuz it suits them and validates thier existence- I now absolutely despise all Abrahamic religions and want nothing to do with them or want to allow them any power or influence over my life.

Looking at this spiritually- if the Jews are God's chosen people then why does he punish them so much and so often? Becuz historically they have a tendency to stray from thier god's rules and desires for them to live a certain way...I mean like when they stray from it, its comparable to ancient Roman debauchery. Sex, violence, brutality, decadence-all of it.
Its in thier own religious literature, stories etc.

So why would, in modern times, people actually believe that Jews are people incapable of doing any wrong? Just becuz theyve been enslaved or genocided or tortured doesnt make thier current or even historical actions any more or less right or wrong. Somehow, that 6 million dead (not all Jews btw) always comes up and is used as a shield to deflect any accusations or belief that they are capable of persecuting others. Also somehow theyve achieved this god-like status lately. As if they are not capable or not to be called on thier actions when they do the typical things all greedy, selfish, sneaky, murdering human animals are capable of.

This is the problem with religion and in this day and age its unthinkable that a religion this old could still have this much power- even what seems to be a renewed influence on the world. Its a total brainwash and people are falling for it. This idea that Jews and thier culture are great guides through life and thier influence is safe, beneficial and positive.

Thier influence is far too widespread to be fair, just or even sane. Whenever someone starts pointing this out, people's brainwashed minds go right to the Holocaust, as if even questioning them is going to bring on another such event.
In fact one has to question the origins of the original event- if Rothschild and other rich Jews were involved in WW2 in the capacity of funding, if they were trying to get Israel created by helping create such monsters or allow such a genocide to occur, then its not too far fetched to think that perhaps 9-11 is a similar ploy.

What worries me is what exactly are they, and thier cronies in worldly power trying to get built now?

Also NYC is the home of the Italian mob as well as NJ among other places in the USA. From what I know about Roman and Italian history, like the Catholic Church as one example of corruption and violence- these are some of the last people anyone should trust. Unless of course you benefit from thier business dealings. Which it seems the USA and many other countries do.

Why NYC? Becuz they were fortunate enough to have a building blow up in thier city so somehow they have made the greatest police force ever? I find it very strange that if they were so great to begin with THAT THEY DIDNT PREVENT SUCH A THING FROM HAPPENING ESPECIALLY WITH THIER CRONIES IN BOSTON WHERE ITS KNOWN THESE TWO CITIES ARE ORGANIZED CRIME CENTERS OF ACTIVITY.
And heavily Jewish places as well.

So with MIT, Raytheon, Harvard and various other invaluable institutions and businesses you are telling me that Boston, of all places did not know there were terrorists afoot, going to flight school etc??? Especially when one looks at the connection to FLORIDA where the terrorists did supposedly go to flight school. Hmm- organized crime and Jews once again.

Seems to simple that its paranoia isnt it? Not at this point and not after the amount of abuse of power I have experienced in NYC both by uniformed police, military in fatigues and civilians who are probably undercovers of some kind.

There is no way in hell a city police dept should have this kind of power. The same when England wanted to hire a Boston police employee to do work for them over there. That didnt last long did it?

What does he mean the 'brand'? Its way out of hand when a branch of government can be bought, sold and marketed like a corporate logo. And the public wont do shit becuz they are dependent on the system totally for safety and resources.

How are people going to rebel or take back thier country when everyone is either psychologically manipulated and intimidated as well as under constant hypnosis via mass mind control through tech and chemical influences like chemtrails, psych meds etc?

Theyve got the public trapped. They cant be depended on anymore to think rationally or even be reasonable people. The worst part is anyone who still isnt complying or sees whats really going on is targeted so that they become discredited.

Its time to realize that the world has effectively become a totally false environment. That people are lost to the Great Work-this grand scheme that the powers that be have created. The worst part is the childish and insane belief of Isrealis that they truly deserve thier place as chosen and that everything that happens to destroy thier enemies is manifest destiny- that its supposed to be the way things are.
The other intolerable thing is the police. Theyve become so bloated, so smug, so arrogant with being a huge part of pulling off this scam nation if not world wide, that they are beyond dangerous. I personally dont even believe the police are sane anymore, not that police ever were as they are all akin to criminals to begin with but they used to be a bit more controlled by people who knew what they were capable of. The public has been so enamoured with First Responders as heroes that they have forgotten thier long track records as criminals and thier capacity for corruption.

This is where the quiet arrogance and stupid looks come from when cops who are in on this are near Targets. It is one of the most single most arrogant kinds of people I have ever dealt with in on this great world wide deception. Of course its part of the continued intimidation.

The public write this off as the typical behavior of corrupt police. We are not dealing with local or just national crimes here from them and thier little networks. Its on a greater scale now and they are basically connected to the military which is why they as well as soldiers have to be glorified and romanticized. So that, like the Jews, they seem so burdened with being fabulous under pressure and under great odds that they could never be capable of being butchering, murdering, corrupt, greedy, evil, snide, smug pieces of shit who are on par with your average non human animal predator.

George Bush promised us a world where law, not the law of the jungle would rule the world in this New World Order in his insane NWO speech. Yet, when you use the law of the jungle to create order, you only have a deception. Not true order as you are not really dealing with what is truly disorderly, becuz you manufactured disorder to begin with.

The authorities no longer catch criminals, not that they ever did but at least they knew and so did the public they were corrupt and full of shit. Now more than ever they simply go after anyone who is in the way of thier grand plans of deception to get thier way. What makes it so intolerable is the public are now fully brainwashed to agree with the put on that they are not the corrupt animals they always were. That they are what the TV ads and propaganda say they are-which is the real danger of the 'new world order'.

People who are under mind control are not living in reality nor are they seeing the truth. People like me claim there is no freedom left in America becuz there isnt. If there is, its not genuine. There is no mental freedom left. People believe lies and by now in this day and age human beings especially Westerners should know better.

Anyone continuing to whine about this is perceived as a person who is stuck in the old days (Bush era) or not growing along with the rest of the country or the world. What do you do if you know that the entire culture has become..wrong? That its NOT the way it should have gone that something has falsely altered its growth? Especially if you are targeted, theres no way by now you dont know that this timeline is totally false and only exists through covert influence of events.

That is not reality, thats something manufactured. The most arrogant thing of all is the people in power believing that they can dictate to every one of us what the story line is going to be like. Then there is a clash of Wills, becuz some of us believe we should be in charge of our own lives, our own written endings.

If the FBI is willing to make complaint that they are screwing up and no one is listening then you know that there is a major problem. Seems like the public only want to allow the feds to do thier jobs when it benefits thier greed and validates a storyline thats beneficial to thier lives.

Its a joke-they'll listen to the feds when they report on criminals or terrorist issues but people wont listen or heed warnings when its about other authorities. Thats part of the FBI's job you dumbasses- checks and balances system.

OMFG the public have become so incredibly stupid and selfish. Its nothing but uncomfortable living here in America. I dont even think Europe is probably safe from these morons. Well if local organized crime people are pissed at you as part of your gang stalking campaign then I guess cross off those overseas locations where these bastards are setting up shop becuz you wont get any peace there either. Hopefully, they will end up somewhere with some REAL terrorism where on building blowing up seems like nothing compared to constant bombings.

Instead of America growing up and asking how did terrorism get so far, how did the situation escalate so much that it actually leaked into the USA- a traditionally safe place from such kinds of foriegn attacks or war with foriegn entities on our soil (that we know of.), immediately they simply got offended that some one inconvenienced their good times and unrealistically peaceful nest. And the people who pulled off 9-11 know that Americans are isolated and insulated from the rest of the world, which is why they are so childish, easy to control and greedy-and used to a consistently high quality of life. Even during the hardest times like the Dust Bowl or the Great Depression there is so much land here and so many natural resources that people can survive.
Just as I did to escape oppression, Americans just started traveling- like riding the rails during the Depression.

However, traveling the US is still being stuck in the USA. And all across the country one can see how cut off we are from the rest of the world. So instead we believe what Zionists tell us about the motives of foriegners we dont understand to begin with (becuz they are too lazy to do actual research, no matter how lite it might be). Why? Back to Israel, Abrahamic religions and the Jews having too much influence culturally.

Americans subconsciously feel that Jews are somehow these wise, older tribesmen, specifically due to thier being part of a religion thats seen as the root of Christianity. This is what influences politics. A childish belief in Abrahamic religions even if history books tell us that Judaism was originally a polytheistic religion based on older religions in the region.

Even someone trying to be an Atheist is still influenced by this culturally becuz its subconscious. And in America unless you have been truly ripped from your belief system like I have and shown whats really going on out there, your best hope is only to rebel against something that is so pervasive in the culture that you can never really escape it ruling your life and your mind completely.
Its kind of like leaving home and trying to make your own life but never really escaping the influence of your family. Many people dont want admit to this but Ive seen it many times that they simply cannot face how much harm comes from thier birth family, so they simply find ways to manage it.

In some ways I am very fortunate. I see through the deceptions now of being an American, of American culture. If I went to live in another country I probably wouldnt miss living in my country of birth. I would have much preferred that moving abroad was a process of growth instead of ripping my head and soul apart- wiping me clean of who I am and all my life experiences- to start anew but it cant be changed now.

And staying here is just painful. Not only has everyone I know moved on and forgotten about me, the communities I lived in now simply actively shun me as a way of dealing with my presence here. I cant really 'live' in my hometown every again anyway and trying to live in other parts of the USA just feels like faking it. I get harassed anyways, so its pointless. Its been nice to see the country but you realize that this covert force is everywhere and that YUPpies now populate every single urban area or gentrified downtown and often I am simply only accepted by the displaced populations. That isnt good enough for me anymore.

Jews are interesting, thier history and thier culture. They are also familiar to me by many of them having Eastern European DNA as I do (though they wont actively admit to this being fact). Actually in the past they were usually pretty good to me and I benefited from their presence and culture. I guess the same might be said of blacks to a lesser extent, even now this is sometimes the case. Something has changed. Peoples, countries and cultures have become ambitious especially in the face of globalization and the NWO.

You can see the disregard for other cultures having any say or power nowadays with them not needing to alter thier appearences or their last names anymore as in years before in the entertainment industry. Its such a deception that originally they had to use such deceptions to be accepted by the host culture and now flagrantly market almost exclusively Jewish culture and personalities in entertainment.

When people no longer want to share, when they want to take over and dominate some of us get annoyed, offended and well- dont like this very much. Especially when its connected to a major full of shit religion that was invented in the Middle East among two other religions, all three of which are monotheistic, sexist king worshipping religions that have served nothing but to war among themselves. On top of that EuroAmericans need to question just how far they are going to allow Abrahamic religions to run thier lives in the physical plane when in fact we are NOT Middle Eastern and had pagan belief systems that were connected to our peoples and our homelands.

In other words- you can come to my town and take over a neighborhood and get rich and have influence- but what the fuck do you think you are doing trying to take over everyone elses neighborhood?? There is this take over of America and its not just laws and corporate its cultural. I dont mind INFLUENCE but I refuse to deal with RULERSHIP over every inch of my life.
There is much trying to use diversions from the take over of America by Jewish influence and even Muslim influence, especially over in Europe-by destroying Christianity. Dont stop there please! TAKE THEM ALL DOWN.

As if Christiaintiy is this big oppressor. Hmph. Dont get confused or be fooled. Just becuz the image of the uptight American June and Ward Cleaver or the Christian Right appear to be Christian dont forget that June and Ward were probably Jewish actors whos real names were 'Rosebud Schwartzoniwitz' or 'Elehiem Hergerdickle'. Some bs like that and their lives were always shared with Jews in some manner. Just as the Christian Right has to live with Jewish influence in society and as of decade ago Ive seen many of those insane right wing ministers openly supporting Israel whereas years ago, they would make a distinct seperation between themselves and Jews.

The sad thing is that if Jews had come to us through entertainment honestly, they might have been accepted just not as powerful (awww, poor babies. Cant have that now can we!) Those are interesting names- Rosebud and Goldie etc. They have an interesting history. And they really do possess an ancient magick they still retain from ancient days.
Yet using such deceptions and how big all this has become now with connections to Israel, its only natural to see them as part of the greater threat of a NWO. Too many Gentiles are falling for Israel being the answer to everything or some sort of promised land.

And with large populations of people not wanting to face unpleasant realities or see things realistically wouldnt it be dangerous to start believing in things like this as ultimate saviors or answers? Especially when one gets many clues that they are involved in manipulating much to gain such power over people.

The question is what the f*ck is the NYPD doing officially over in Israel? If you dont question that then you arent aware of the great deception that includes 9-11 and many other things. The NYPD should have been given some power during the emergency and then had it limited again or one of thier various newly created fed agencies should have been given jurisdiction instead, due to New York's history of working closely with organized crime both Jewish and Italian as well as Chinese and in recent years the Russian mob.

NOT taking away thier powers after hearing someone describe the NYPD as a brand name just shows you how far gone this country is into sickness, insanity and total disregard for what America once was. I know its hard to accept into full reality but America no longer exists. Its this sh*t we are left with, these total corrupt scumbags who believe they can do business as they like now its the new millennia and they have all this power. Anyone who isnt satisfied can waste thier lives trying to fight it by going to Occupy or basically living as an Anarchist. Which are both wastes of time if you wanted a life like you should be entitled to in the USA.

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