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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Norway Shooter Black Ops Connections Doesnt Include Possible Black PROJECT Connections

<p><a href=""></a></p> <br/> <p>I dont know about all these references linked but I did come across something that revisits the previous post about CIA working with rebel groups in sensitive areas.

" -Reports that the culprit of the mass shooting at a Labour youth camp outside Oslo, who early indications show killed at least 25 people, was a blonde-haired Norwegian man, fit perfectly into the recent propaganda campaign to hype the “white Al-Qaeda” as the most deadly terror threat. Self-proclaimed security experts quoted by Reuters are already predicting the blame will “fall on both Islamists and right-wing extremists,” in some form of alliance that led to a “hybrid assault,” which in an of itself is a ludicrous notion but does serve to link anti-government sentiment amongst the host population with Muslim terrorism, which has been the goal all along.

- As Kurt Nimmo reports, the man accused of leading the group blamed by some for the bombing, Mullah Krekar, has had dealings with the CIA previously, having been approached to work with them in 2005. Members of Krekar’s group, Ansar al-Islam, are veterans of the CIA-ISI collaborative war against the Soviets in Afghanistan"

There's that yes but in regards to the lone shooter/bomber remember one thing about Jones and Prison Planet-they do not ever include the possiblity of lone shooters being Survivors. People who are victims RA, mind control programming or human experimentation. Becuz of Jone's affiliation with the Patriot movement and his outrageous behavior throughout as well as he not dealing with the realities of circumstances surrounding black or classified programs and more recently his behavior at OCCUPY Austin, TX, you should always sort through Prison Planet info for useful info and bs alike but never utilize thier site on its own.

Perhaps the obvious political cover ups are valid but always remember that much of what seems to be hidden motive and agenda are only mere cover stories for the much higher up black/classified projects that are going on alongside.

There have been alot of people in the past two decades going postal who profess to being connected to material that relates to MK Ultra and the Luciferian family tree such as claiming to see co workers as Nazis through space and time rifts, the ArchAngel Michael, Templars etc.

Fortunate people like myself get warned, informed and see the shadow system as well as our own history and can stop the manipulation and mind games from turning us into time bombs.

For many domestic terrorists and their victims they arent so fortunate.

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Mike said...

Are these groups really terrorists or are they just against a ZOG.