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Monday, September 3, 2012

Another Media Psy Op Mapped Out: A Cartoon Character,Madonna and Virgin Mobile Blow Bubbles

PUCCA decal I put on my old laptop's webcam eye as well as I had stuck on a webcam eye on a Mac in MassArt.

Madonna came out with this photo not long after alongside a Virgin Mobile campaign where the model also posed blowing a bubble and the ads focused on going crazy or dont go crazy, along those one liners but it was really obnoxius. I had, at that point left Virgin Mobile for Verizon. I think I posted just how pissed off the guy at Virgin sounded when they knew I had smartened up and was cutting loose from them.

Pucca was so awesome when she was just a little Korean creation then she almost disappeared and Disney supposedly picked the character up. I liked her being marketed back into existence but Im glad I missed the TV show or movie that Disney did when they marketed the hell out of it.  My point is I wonder about the Disney thing...I dont however wonder about Virgin Mobile or Madonna as theres no question they would steal from anyone or do anything to anyone to stay successful.

(Just looked it up. Thats right the ad says "...heres a CRAZY ONE."  "After years of STUPID phone plans, here's a CRAZY ONE".

'Stupid' and 'crazy one' kinda stood out becuz the perps in person in public spaces stressed those two words for years in this ongoing campaign. ) http://www.trademarkia.com/dont-be-stupid-go-crazy-85075745.html

The main purpose of this psy op is probably to again in general  let the Target know they are being watched but specifically to punish any kind of attempt at self protection or defense such as covering the webcam eye.

In St Louis years ago a perp made fun of me by mentioning that there are camera holes on some computers u cant see and that webcams can be activated or turned on. I never forgot that...why give them anymore opportunity if this is indeed the truth?


  1. What makes this system work, in my opinion, isn't the impressive technology, but the number of willing human participants that sell the target out. And most psy-ops seem to gather whatever negative energy the target has, and directs it right back at the target to destroy or punish the target. And by "negative energy", I mean energy that the TI could use to arm themselves with to use against the enemy. Instead, they intercept it, and throw it right back at the target. Defending the others who are in on harassing you is one way they do it. So is exalting the perpetrators, which they don't always do. The main perps are always in control, but they can utilize these tactics in order to maintain control. I believe they do things like have people be nice to us, or make it appear via psy-ops that they or the system favors us, but that's just to butter us up. It's a tactic to soften us when we become enraged, to make us "nice" or happy at moments when our rage is enough to take out the enemy. It's just a neutralization tactic they use to make it look like they are giving us "perks" for suffering at their hands for so long. In reality, every move is a calculated move, i.e., it's a chess maneuver to get us crawling through the maze. And they want us to make predictable moves. The whole key is to be unpredictable. But then, they just send out more pack-rats to do stalking. In situations where we become less predictable, they send out higher numbers. This is a nice area here, but there are so many in on the perps' games, it's just a sickening feeling.

  2. Beware of the steady stream of false bullshit they are bombarding you with. They are relentless with phoney baloney. Stuff like "getting a lawyer", etc., or whatever is just false ideations they pound some TI's with. They're just working themselves all up trying to get to TI's with psy-ops.

    We really must be a massive massive threat to their system. The lengths they go to are ridiculous.

    And given all of that, they still think they've won?! Yeah right. Uh huh, sure. It has to be their agressive military strength alpha male chimp stupidity, or it's psy-ops. They really make these campaigns more personal than they should. But that's not the issue here.