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Saturday, September 29, 2012

International Intelligence Networks Far Reaching, Tech Advanced Pre 9-11 Show How Can Be Utilized For Black Projects/NWO

I am still very curious about why Norway seems to be involved so much in my GS and psychological manipulation campaign.

One could link the black metal bands to Aquino type affiliations like COS, Temple Of Set and Aquino's alleged obsession with Nazi occultism.

However that media psy op I posted on MIT's homepage a few months back seems to have involved factions in Norway outside the black metal community, at least obviously.

Looking up Norway's involvement in intelligence I found the link above. Its older yet being 41 years old Ive lived long enough to have noticed that back before 9-11 and even the 1990s, it was the norm for information about the CIA and government to be sort of put forward in a direct manner, more comfortable with it and in a sort of blasé way. Post 60s and in the 80s Americans sort of figured due to the Nixon years and the Baby Boomers fighting so hard against the government that things were more under control than the oppressive 50s and the cover up obsessed actions in the 60s of intelligence agencies.

Even with what Reagan started doing it wasnt considered as hidden or oppressive.

The psychological intimidation of post 9-11 and even by late Clinton we saw the securities, police and prisons start gaining power then-has made it a very oppressive environment where one cannot criticize the military without insulting dead soldier's families, being called unpatriotic or criticize the CIA without being thought of as paranoid.

This link due to it being from 1989 reveals information in a manner that isnt intimidating, demanding compliance, fear or worship from its citizen readers.

Alot of the way things are written now is to keep the public regressed into being child like and dumbed down or it simply hides information or skews it so that what is important gets lost among propaganda and bs.

And this isnt even classified its pretty mundane. Yet for the  uneducated it maps out  pre 9-11 existing relationships with intelligence agencies around the world therefore one can assume those relationships are utilized in covert ops even classified or black.  If anything the connections, such as police here, have become broadened then strengthened especially by progress in technologies and communications.

If they could monitor areas so well back then using satellite to deliver info to a far away country THEN WHAT ARE THEY CAPABLE OF NOW?

One excerpt I noted that has nothing to do with this post, but everything to do with 9-11, stood out at the end of the article:

"Pakistan: Pakistan acts as a pipeline for the hundreds of millions of dollars in CIA covert assistance that is provided to the Afghan rebels. Pakistan also cooperates with U.S. intelligence agencies in electronic intelligence gathering near the Soviet Union (at Peshawar) and in southeast Asia.86"

In todays media people HAVE correct and true information but the mediascape has become so big with so much info outlets that  there are too many diversions.

This is by design it seems.

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