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Monday, September 3, 2012

Only Hatin N*ggers In Selective Locations-The Damage Done By Houseslave COINTELPRO

Isnt it interesting that around Boston and Cambridge and other such areas with large African American 'house slave' populations that I get aggravated with blacks yet I can go into a ghetto ass Latin/black  area just north of metro Boston area and feel not threatened or disgusted in the least...and actually recieve a positive vibe in that area.

Becuz the blacks who are causing unrest, being militant and working in gangs WORK FOR THE POWER STRUCTURE AND FOLLOW THEIR AGENDA.

Which is why they suck of course and deserve zero respect.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There are none of those around here. Around here, we have neighbors that do their "out loud" insults. And the gangstalkers are like little kids: if you write about something they do that gets under your skin, they will do it again (and again and...). Just like little children. I don't know how they even got the unpublished comment I posed. It wasn't here; it was on another blog. And none of these people around are smart enough to have access. They must be instructed on what to say via some smart mobbing system. This smart mobbing system, the one that doesn't exist (according to their official denial line) needs exposed badly. You have to wonder how those common, ordinary people
are getting access to these private pieces of information they shouldn't have.

That's perhaps the biggest mystery that targets haven't been able to solve. I suppose they are getting texted or receiving cell phone notifications, and the sheep obey the shepherd.

And it's not fair that these lowly types are entrusted with the task of bringing us down. Shit, who in the system has any smarts? They only have surveillance, big toys, and smart-mobbing notifications.