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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Inciting Citizen Spying Through ‘Soft Control’ And Cell Phones

And I am supposed to be paranoid about stuff like this being possibly used to collect data or even cell phones in a crowd?

You know why people like me, especially women are a threat to the NWO? Becuz I can SENSE when stuff like this is going on. Like if something just doesnt seem right, its suspect or on a more physical level, that say, too many tourists in one area of Cambridge in the summer heat makes me clinically insane compared to a crowd of students who are residents in one spot for the entire year in cooler weather. Becuz its suspect that some of those people in the crowd might be spooks- either that or their cell phones are being tapped into for either reasons of audio, video or other surveillance or worse- the putting OUT of some thing instead of just taking data IN.

I know damn well that social networks are not only for monitoring people but for taking in all sorts of data on human behavior- even putting out mind control.
It makes no difference that I have an alter system. THIER system ensures that even if I use a social network for my traveling life style and friends I dont share my activism with or show that side of myself, that I can be manipulated just the same through the social networks. Ive experienced it many times.

Specifically on my social network I experience a rewards and punishment system where I am given mental information in response to a post I make. A call and return if you will to alter or form behaviors. This is a part of the behavior modification program. The system knows damn well that I am a Survivor so naturally to deal with stress and preserve my strength and sanity will have a part of my life seperate from this activism. Where i can enjoy life and make the best of a bad situation.

That doesnt matter. I am still interfaced with on the social network in a way that is behavior modification. For instance I posted a made up motivational poster I found that had a picture of the twin towers with the sun rising between them, it said imagine no religion.
After posting that I immediately got the idea that someone monitoring the social network saw that and disapproved of it. The way I am interfaced with on the social network site is seems very much to make me....conform.

The point is to stop and contain any and all parts of the Survivors alter system. As what the system is trying to do is behavior modify an whole person. As well as ensure that person does not reveal information or write any books or rat anyone out before they get done what they need to get done.

Cell phones are a scurge on the western world. I own one and I cant wait to get rid of it.

So as usual my preminitions and my sensing things or suspecting things are off was right again. A big part of gang stalking is to make the Target distrust themselves.

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Mike said...

'Cell phones are a scurge on the western world' Amen to that.

I agree with you about a pedophile network being part of this g.s, that is very probable. A pedo network that has influence and power. They have the same traits of doing what they do with no remorse, so they must be connected. Then on modern amerika, alot of amrikans are living in the past they still think amerika is the nation for them. What most 'european decent' don't know is that as amerika changes her trends, and personality we arent part of the new design.