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Thursday, September 13, 2012

MA Intense GS and Remote Influence

Cambridge MA and Boston are major centers for the NWO. There is constant gang stalking and has been for years.

Its extremely nasty still. There are spooks or agents whatever u want to call them planted all over the place in every business and in public spaces.

There even seems to be many psychic warriors in this population.

Either they know all the Targeted Individuals in the area at any given time or they are trained to psychology harass anyone with a backpack.

The system knows that key people and many dissidents have been made homeless by the actions of the last decade.

America is now a full blown police state and the most extreme of it is covert in nature.

People with an interest in this system staying in place will use the excuse of being at war on many different fronts.

Its a huge deception.

Some areas have more intense gs than others. Major areas connected to the military industrial complex like MA.

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Mike said...

I would like to know a place with the least amount of groupstalkers, what is your knowledge through experience of the best place? For me there tends to be other circumstances determining the severity of the gangstalking, and often varies even in the same locale. Some days are love bombing others are hating, or anger inspiring techniques. Strange phenomenon this is. Areas I have experienced this outside of my home area was Austin, Oklahoma, East California, Los Angeles varied at different times, Vegas (very severe), Jersey shore areas were severe Atlantic City (severe at times) though these Jersey areas can be loaded with people from my area, so where it came from is hard to tell. Areas with light stalking activity were New Mexico, Tennessee (certain areas very light like Memphis), The Carolinas had very light activity though I didn't stay long.