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Friday, September 14, 2012

10 Secret US Military Intelligence Projects

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Medawar said...

Two of these secret projects appeared in science fiction, long before they appeared in any leaks or conspiracy theories.

The dragonfly spy drone appears, in a very innocent-seeming form, in one of the "Danny Dunn" children's science adventures that were published for the betterment of children in the early seventies. (You can tell that "Danny Dunn" was a character created by an American and not an Australian author...)

There was also a short story about an unusual aircraft being shot down by American air defences, and telepathic officers sent to investigate thinking that the pilot's survival capsule contains an alien, because it is dreaming of odd-shaped animals and strangely coloured skies and fields.

When they get the capsule open, they find a little girl, whose light weight and low life support requirement has allowed the aircraft enough performance to reach previously safe parts of the United States. The strange landscapes the telepaths sensed were scenes from her colouring book.

I can't remember the author for this one, but it was in a Science Fiction Book Club compilation in the fifties or sixties.