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Friday, September 21, 2012

MK Delta

I know its Wikipeida but it seems pretty accurate.

Again its mentioned about harassment, discrediting and disabling as goals of these programs-like gang stalking.


Medawar said...

Frank Olson had applied for a job at Porton Down, in Wiltshire, just before he was killed. Around two weeks before his death, he visited the laboratories there and was introduced to staff as "Frank, he's going to be working with us." He seemed quite happy, even excited, to have a chance of doing useful work that would actually protect soldiers on the battlefield, rather than the Dr Mengele stuff he had been doing for the CIA.

For some reason, Frank's job at Porton (and the tour shows he had been accepted by the minister, Duncan Sands, and cleared by MI5) gets no mention in the "in-depth" investigations into his case.

The CIA wasn't afraid of Frank revealing what they'd done to the public: they were frightened he might reveal what they'd done to experts who'd understand it and whose cooperation the US Military needed on a day to day basis.

Who could have actually stopped the CIA doing wild experiments on unconsenting subjects in Europe? Not everybody, but Duncan Sands, Minister of Supply (for the military) and nephew of the Prime Minister, could have stopped them if anybody could.

Sands knew all about lunatic secret weapons, because during WW2 he had ministerial oversight of investigations by Dr R.V. Jones into the Nazi superweapons programmes. Frank Olson hadn't selected his new employer at random.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that these people also think psychological warfare is reality. It's like those XBox games, where hunting other humans and causing death and bloodshed is no big deal; it's just a means of scoring points and then feeling good from it (the "reward"). Most people feel that the false reality being maintained and built by the perps in the shadows is real life reality. No wonder they make fun of targets so much. It isn't reality, but they think they are living in the real world.