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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Manufacturing Of A President By Wayne Madsen-What Do You Think?

"This book covers Barack H. Obama, Jr’s rapid rise in American politics and the role that the CIA played in propelling him into the White House."

Someone in a library told me about this book. I havent read it and wont. Becuz even if its true its not whats important right now. Everyone gets to high places by paying the Piper in some form. That doesnt surprise me at all.

And many people dont find the author credible. However, many people probably dont find me credible either but I personally dont care about what your average person thinks becuz I believe that Americans are generally hopeless, greedy human beings who desire safety and a high quality of life at the any price and that includes exploiting any one or country on the face of the earth or destroying the earth itself.

The point of writing about what you know or have experienced is not to be believed by the mass as they will NEVER get a clue and Ive realized they dont really want one anyway. They genuinely want to preserve their fantasy land USA instead of grow up and become global citizens and I dont mean through globalization either. In fact more often than not I actually sympathize or agree with the elite and thier actions.

Its simply that I am just a little differently wired where I care about humanity and believe that SOME of the smarter people who are unwillingly stuck as sheeple deserve to know whats going on or have thier questions answered. Becuz some of them really do see how messed up this whole thing is since Bush but are hurting and trying to comprehend just why no one is doing anything.

I dont know if they will believe what I and a minority of people on this planet have experienced. It doesnt matter if they do or not. Just as it doesnt matter the contents of this book, if its true in part or in whole or not or even if Wayne is credible.

Wayne might be genuine but he might be targeted so heavily he is under such psychological pressure that he comes out with wrong predictions or says stupid things like some politician has a small penis or something unprofessional.

People have got to understand that for whatever reason many of us whistleblowers if you want to call us that, are being tortured to give up information and write as much as we do.

Do you honestly think I would have wanted to dedicate my life to this blog as much as I have? I wanted to age well, have lots of sex, take my athletic build to new heights in my 40s with martial arts lessons, become a councilor and artist to make right my past by turning it into life experience for others to benefit from.

But THIS SYSTEM that torments Targets forces us to take in an unbelievable amount of information-more stuff than most human minds could handle- through experiences, clues, info being given psychically (how do you think I always leave before the bad guys show up or know when perps are up ahead?), being 'drawn' to places or written information in certain locations or even info being dropped out of nowhere by covert agents or whatever they are.
This is not something any person WANTS to be doing. The weight he has on is probably pure stress. It happens to all of us. That cortisol will give you a hell of a belly.

I often wonder if this way of forcing humans to take in, process, assimulate and then release information isnt THE EXPERIMENT ITSELF. Like trying to see if humans can be turned into robots of some kind after being destroyed as human beings. If you dont think the people behind this are that sick, you then do NOT know what we know about all of this. The actions of Targeted people is a direct reflection of thier experiences. And if youve come face to face with these monsters you understand just how big they are and unbelievably brutal compared to what is supposed to exist in human experience.

However, it could be that some force higher up or rivaling the actions of the bad guys is trying to get people like myself and this author as well as other people who are genuine and revealing information, to simply outright tell humanity what is going on. The elite or whatever you want to label the powers behind this are using methods from the 21st century while keeping the masses under the impression that its still the 20th. I use that analogy alot, becuz it works and its true.

It could also be that there are powers very great that simply enjoy playing chess with our lives. Some higher life forms, sitting back watching the entertainment of a spiritual battle on earth and playing each side accordingly-thats what if feels like sometimes. Like the entire thing is an epic battle but there is something strangely contrived about it. Especially when you look at how many people are in on gang stalking nationwide and also how many people simply dont want to know truths about whats going on even if theres cause to doubt the official story.

Sadly once you are terrorized and shocked into being awake through these experiences, you dont feel illuminated- you feel a strange sense of emptiness with the experience...partially becuz the rest of humanity isnt on the same page and never will be get this sense of.......that things are being orchestrated. And no large amount of humans can be this stupid. Especially when many of the masses that are supposedly being taken advantage of seem to be in on the gang stalking thats supposed to destroy you.

It seems often like people are just playing games with your life. Thats it really. Once you become aware of how the entire world is manipulated it just seems like you too are being manipulated. Also this comes from experiencing just how much the gang stalking system can cover. And other things like experiencing so many African Americans as agents when they are supposed to be an ignorant, vulnerable people who are still kept down and being taken advantage of. Of course, what better of a front could the covert ops ask for than that?? Now one understands that they probably have used blacks in the USA as spies for centuries. But like everything else to do with the shadow world of spying and classified projects, this is never something taught in school or talked about publicly.

Your life is hijacked by this system and you are forced to either become behavior modified and 'forget' all thats happened and live like a souless ghoul just existing to keep the body fed and hiding the truth or you can fight that and choose to get a small revenge by completely revealing everything youve experienced, of course this takes away any chance you may have had for a normal life. Its a bit hard to take to see everyone around you, mostly all citizens in your 'free country' having good lives, doing things they actually want to do and being happy.

The thing about this book I was told by this person who referred it was that Wayne actually interviewed alot of people over many months time in Indonesia. Also that the documents used are actual declassified government documents.

I try not to focus on books like this becuz my area of expertise is things that are much more far fetched than this. I have experienced some things connected to MK Ultra that are just ridiculous. My mother told me in 2005 "You can write a book but no one is going to believe you". Part of her probably wanted to try to protect me but part of her also wanted to try anything she could to cover her ass as she certainly took part in helping my life be destroyed. Actually she helped send me out traveling where I was experimented on, almost killed and took my life in my hands. To be quite honest, there is another sort of covert group out there in action. They seem to clue Targets in on important info, get us wise enough to not commit suicide and physically protect us while we are disoriented being targeted in the early stages. From what I know about deprogramming these people might be the same people as the perps. Understand that they believe that deprogramming someone is a good thing in the long run as they believe the person can then have a 'normal' life. Yet in retrospective one can see they are only doing this so that the status quo is protected. That there are no special people around or powerful psychics (that wont work for THEM) or anyone who is an actual electromagnetic disruption to the web they have created that covers almost ever inch of this nation due to the cell towers being used.

Here are a few suggested articles supposedly supplementary to the book:

Like I said I have little interest in worldy affairs. No matter what humans do these kinds of games will still be common. However, the use of the new technologies as well as chemtrails and the like is giving these types of people far too much control over the masses and any threats to their plans. THAT is what I deal with. THAT is whats new and scary about the NWO and needs to be addressed.

Heres a few people who dont trust Madsen:

Believe me I like some of his claims. They actually line up with alot of my experiences. But understand why I avoid legit politics and worldly affairs-its too easily a diversion. I am not a political science major I am however someone who experienced some outrageous things that are very similar and in line with other people who are more credible than me. Why get wrapped up in worldy nonsense? Its not HOW the cons are pulled off its the severity of them. Cover ups, con jobs, assasinations, and other political-greed driven human bs is NOT new. Its the stuff of history books.

What is new and absolutely ridiculous is mass mind control via tech and chemical influence as well as the power psychiatry has to provide MORE chemical influence over human populations. And that includes video game TECH, cell phones as diversions and social control TECH, and your pc TECH as well as surveillance technologies TECH...all the things being used to surround humans with technologies. Forget about what is probably being covertly pumped through the cell towers to get humans to act, think, feel or believe what authorities want them to.

All the while people have stopped paying attention to what IS important- the only environment we have that provides air, water and soil for our physical survival. THAT is whats insane.

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