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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An Ad For Anti-Terror Features Every Single Uniformed Professional Thats Ever Gang Stalked A Target

Butcher, baker, candlestick maker..yep they are all here.

Name me one of these professionals who hasnt gang stalked and harassed a Targeted Individual since 2004.

Police, fire, medical field and construction/city worker/small business tradesman. I dont know what profession the woman in the black suit is supposed to be. Who cares at this point.

When is society going to admit that anti terror has been grossly abused to target anyone going up against the interests of organized crime, certain portions of govt and the web of corporate private sector connected to these.

You can wave the flag all you want- it still stinks at this point. Its been corrupt as hell for decades but never as viscous and covertly violent as during the Bush era continuing into Obama.

It seems right that First Responders would want to be part of organized stalking and harassment of Targeted Individuals- they are professions that would make the most money off of Homeland funding, the military industrial complex or natural disaster etc. Medical includes psychiatry whom will continue to be validated by more and more 'mental illness' in the form of TIs not knowing whats happening to them as well as electromagnetic pollution and chemtrails etc are making humans mentally ill, especially electromag.

All these professions stand to gain alot of clout in society, alot of extra power and authority alot of money, funding and extra jobs- if only 9-11 is never exposed, nor the use of HAARP or other scams on the masses.

It seems that not all first responders are in on GS but some seem more than others. Like the medical people seem more numerous and numerous in a particular hospital or EMT unit whereas cops seem to be a single perp then the others you meet from the same force seem clueless. Then again cops lie with the best poker faces so its hard to tell. Perhaps its certain precincts.

The construction/city worker/ small business tradesman are just ridiculous. Here in the Boston area they all seem to have known what was going on. The worst drive by in vehicles for harassment has been small time tradesmen and thats nationwide. They seem like just sexist idiots anyway.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Judge Judy is a Zionist? That pretty much explains her actions. What a bitch she is. But the public sees it and just thinks she is all hard and not taking any shit, when in fact, she's a Zionist, and that means possibly a shill working for the system.

Guy said...

Tradesmen are probably the biggest car-gang-stalkers here too, ie Gold Coast, Australia. It's not just that they're sexist. They're dumb and aggressive people who drink too much. Their alcohol-fueled aggression makes them enjoy hurting someone, anyone. I'm male.