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Friday, September 14, 2012

Reader Comment Tries To Get Me To Give Valuable Info For Free

"Are you ACTUALLY going to "publish" this book?? why not just push it ONLINE and get it over with? I'm targeted also but you're getting NOWHERE by teasing US with little to no info. DON"T be another Alex Jones. Resources ARE available. Sometimes you have to "answer the call" ;) Be Seeing You.
By Anonymous on I am so glad I could put out some important inform... on 7/5/12
Publish Spam Delete "

Seriously? Are u serious?

Firstly Ive been answering the f*cking call for years now. This blog is doing so as is all my work I GET PAID NOTHING FOR WHILE LIVING OUT OF A BACKPACK.

Secondly, Jones has shown in that video of him at OCCUPY Austin TX that he is probably just an agent of disinfo etc. Its his job to give info with no results. My job is to actually give real information.

He also has a place to live and lots of money I am sure to compensate for his helping the bad guys which in my view isnt worth it. So there is no comparing us to begin with.

It would be like comparing a black piece to a brown or white piece on a chess board. Your comparison doesnt make sense.

I am not trying to tease anyone I am just having a hard time. Also, I dont trust anyone who discounts what I have gone through and tries to tell me to just give up VALUABLE information for free.

The public are going to pay for what they did to me. If they are interested in the truth they can pay me for it. Considering I will never produce any other works of art as I was going to to begin with.

Who thinks I am getting nowhere? That is THE most ridiculous part of that comment. Really.

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