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Friday, September 7, 2012

MBTA Air QualityTesting In Cambridge and Somerville Could Be Source Of Locals Illness Recently

I felt something when I came back to Harvard. It was like a cold in the air.  It hit my sinuses and throat. Then everyone seemed to have 'allergies' or this stuffiness.

With the construction digging up earth and the old building we sleep at plus this I wouldnt doubt its the cause of my condition now. Crushing chest pain and unable to breathe sounds like one of the alleegic reactions I get.

And who says they woukdnt sneak anything else in there?

I noticed I feel a lot better this evening after we had a major heavy thunderstorm. so tell me it's not something in the air? I I was told however Get the rag weed and pollen content This year is record breaking high. With my having allergic reactions to things like that It would make sense that I have chest pains and can't breath. Someone else just told me that they have the same reaction This would also explain why it clears up after a rainstorm.

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