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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Scam baited in Northampton Mass (after used public library to work on this blog)

Scam baited in northampton Massachusetts by this woman. Older, dyed red hair, thin dark evil slit eyes. Right now is walking away from town square (north i believe) on King street.

She only walked away after camera was pulled out on smart phone. Cut the shit or i will make some shit go down in this little liberal gay paradise. Its a nice town. Its fun. The people are lovely. Don't fuck it up for yourselves. Last night big pick.up truck had high beams on me while sitting down for like ten minutes. Intimidation is pretty much bullshit at this point. Its not hard to stalk in return u know. Have a nice day. (Who harasses a traveler begging on a rainy day? Assholes thats who.) Is it really worth a beating to get me put in jail?

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Mike said...

Similar to my situation, I think you are being targeted to condition you to stay out of public sight. It kind of leads us to despair knowing and anticipating their next attack. Here is a technique I use, this is helpful to me. When I go into public I see myself as a great person physically larger than all of the little people in my presence, as they are so small you can easily step on them. I picture a great shine of light around me, as they should be astounded by my power, and energy. And then I just can't help to laugh so dearly at all the little small time thinking sheeple. This makes me laugh so much that I can't even hide my happiness.