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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Frustrating Companion Isnt So Frustrating After All

I was reading this becuz i realized (and then accepted finally) that a friend is autistic or has the characteristics that this society attributes to that.

I found myself being angry with him for not learning how to travel or not being able to understand situations quickly enough, even scolding him for not handling social situations gracefully.

Partly this is due to my running memories though my head driving me nuts-years of harassment as well as my wanting to get help with my situation but always being afraid to start. My thinking about  my situation rips my head apart daily as it has for years. But now theres this other person involved. And they took  alot of energy and I couldnt understsnd why.

But its no fun to be curt with someone and have then get upset like a child then the next day they are upset thinking they are a bad person. I refuse to abuse someone becuz Ive been abused. Being targeted for years can turn a Target into a very abusive person.

It seems reactions start coming from years of abuse from this system-conditioning. It seems like PTSD or something thats biochemical. As if the years of experience have entrained the TIs brain to just release certain chemicals and you cant react any other way.

Its very sad and f*cked up.

Worst of all ignorant people who refuse to do their research truly believe someone like me is simply a paranoid schizophrenic so they dont even believe long term torture causes these reactions to begin with.

This thread is so awful. It just invalidates the work of so many brave, amazing people against some of the world's worst corruption and abuse cults. With one sentence we are reduced to nothing but delusional crazies who dont know how violent we are.

Its horrible that people may not realize the autistic is as such and become mean to them for not acting right or learning like normal people.

The autistic person may not know they have this way of learning and living in human society. So they cant explain it to another person effectively.

It helps to read about autism and then ask the person about certain things without mentioning autism directly.

Most importantly, body language and eye contact as social cues. Having to be communicated with verbally only or having to do things according to steps or sequences, etc.

People around a person with Autism can at first accept their differences by seeing them  as simply their own little odd ways about them. But when it starts to interfere with safety on the road, learning things efficiently or handling social situations it becomes obvious the person is not just particular, odd, eccentric or using coping skills to live with a trauma history, they really are different.

Being human this makes you get annoyed with inefficiency and a weak link in the tribe, group or system.

But the other qualities they possess are so intriguing, and refreshing that the person has value to you.

It becomes confusing and frustrating dealing with such a person becuz you dont know what you are dealing with.

Once you read about it and confirm thats what it is, you can then adapt to the way they learn things which is different.

I have never been one to reduce a person to a diagnoses becuz its just stupid to do that. I am also old enough to have grown up with the WWII/Depression generation as grandparents who seemed to have a hell of alot more tolerance, understanding, acceptance of people who were different or strange and co existing with such people in society than the generations of today.

They seemed to have a better understanding of the human condition and didnt dehumanize people for their differences (unless they lived segregated from various peoples, even then though they stereo typed people they  perhaps would still sympathize with them in some ways).

This era we live in is brutal with its categorizing then marginalizing human beings. People are being reduced to just a name, label or diagnoses and only then do people want to know the person at all.

It seems you are your diagnoses first and foremost then you are considered for acceptance by society.

Ive had alot of kids tell me my friend is slightly autistic. I always ignored it becuz my generation didnt grow up segregating people based on some diagnoses...unless it was really obvious due to it being severe.

I still dont believe in 'autistic' or psychiatry's bs but understanding my friend experiences life differently or learns differently and other variables makes keeping company with him much less frustrating. I can use my energy effectively not just keep pouring it out trying to batter ram through obstacles. Becuz they were never obstacles-they were limitations I wasnt aware of.

Strangley, my friend has many classic symltoms of being a RA survivor.

U cant put anything near his face like scissors to groom his mustache, becuz it reminds him of needles coming towards his eyes.

The screaming or crying of babies makes him very  uncomfortable like physically painful.

Psychiatry could take these and hide them behind their diagnoses system, instead of having someone  spot them as red flags for survivorship.

I was reading about people who abuse autistics and other disabled people in relationships on purpose. I wanted to ensure I didnt do this inadvertently. Ive read about and seen on internet about people abusing much weaker people like this, people who cant help it. That has always angered me in this life. And the public ignores this injustice just as they ignore other social issues.


Mike said...

Very emotional post, I'm glad for you having such a friend. You got to be a good person no matter what the abusers say think or do to you.

Mike said...

I found it an odd quote how one commentator defined themselves on the link you posted about autism, the quote "A shot gun blast into the face of deceit
You'll gain your just reward.
We'll not rest until the purge is complete
You will reap what you've sown"
The one word I found in this quote to be strange is "we'll" , if it said I'll, I would not have noticed as much.