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Sunday, September 2, 2012

The 9-1 1 Scam

Fuck Israel. To death, to Hell with them. We kiss their asses over the Holocaust yet never honor mention or morn an entire race of people who were wiped out by genocide to make room for the United States Of America to be created on this land.

Oh radical Muslims are no bogie men. They are a very real threat. To be fair one can only imagine what covert warfare, psy ops etc has been done to them to make them as angry as they are.   But due to the fact they actually believe it and fell for it and they aren't instead exposing such possible war crimes to the world instead of being backwards, insane, ranting extremists then they are just as bad as their Jewish cousins.

They all need to go back to the Middle East and take their bartering, argumentitive, extremist, brainwashed asses back to the Middle East and take Abrahamic religions with them. Dont forget to take Christianity with you as well.

Then they can argue, fight and barter to their hearts content-on their own damn land. 

If they were smart they would reject any religion of Abraham and return to the pagan belief systems of their ancestors.

Radical Muslims are screwing up Europe becuz they are too smart to allow Jews and Africans of slave descent to screw it up. They have always been hip to Zionst agendas and made sure their former slaves were free and educated like other citizens unlike in America.

So immigrant Africans and radical Muslims have to screw the place up-two groups Americans wouldve opened a can of WhoopAss on long ago so they cant mess around so much here.

In the end one looks at the people of each country-if they choose to put up with such deceptions and be slaves so they can get what they perceive they need from the system then f*ck em.

I cannot recount how many Americans Ive seen here who support these lies of the agenda and go along with whatever is going on thats crooked.

Most people in Boston and Cambridge are greedy scum who are totally brainwashed.

Ive learned that humans are hopeless-at least in America.

Most humans are weak brainwashed animals who behave predictably. Its as if to strive to be human frightens them.

America is never going to admit to the truth-not those who pulled off the operation, their well paid rabid guard dogs like police, fire, military etc nor American citizens who protect and preserve the lie and shun anyone who tells the truth.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah. Probably a few of those robed wackos work for the intelligence agencies, too. Except they do it politically correct and hide. Everything is about being sneaky and hiding, I've noticed. Except, of course, for those rabid gangstalkers who act like pack animals looking to get revenge on the target they don't even know. Makes no sense, wanting to get revenge on a person they don't even know with hordes of other like-minded wacko sheep.