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Friday, September 28, 2012

Possible Confirmation Those Were Perps/Cops Arrive And Make Contact With Them On Way Out Door

I just wrote an entire post that somehow by the slip of my hand got selcted then erased just now. I will re write this from a safer location.

In short therd were three perps and after i posted that other post, the cops came  and appearing on seperste businss made contaxt with all three as they seemed to leave on cue.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's one of their elaborate setups/productions again. They'll have all kinds of characters come in and do various things and maybe have things they are scripted to say with the intent that you are supposed to hear certain things. It's more than just egotistical jerks being rude: they are scripted to do this. It's part of their play that was scripted by the Pros. I get this shit all the time here in PA.

Mike said...

Friday night 7PM, and 8pm they were everywhere. High beems, boxing in and timing their driving to be near me and make me brake, or cause me to yield. People on the street watching me drive by. This is what they like to do at night when dark out, in the day they try to be seen and then quickly gesture with their lips something like 'asshole', or touch their nose. Tapping into the forces I wave my hand and wrath is upon them who come against me. Burning in hell is their destiny.